how much money have people taken to australia with them?

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hi all,
would really appreciate some sound advice! i am planning on travelling and working my way round Australia. I@ve applied to go with the organistaion Bunac.(has anyone used them and what are they like?)
I have the proof of funds (£2000)and should be able to manage to take another £1000-1500 out with me. I thought this would be enough until i get a job but then i was speaking to a mate who has just come back and said that she saved 10 grand before going! if i do that i will still be in wales this time next year!!!! do i really need this amount of money? do i need to rob a bank between now and nov? have people gone to australia with the same amount of money as me and managed to survive?!
any advice would be appreciated!

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£10k is great is you don't want to work for the entire time you are there or your going to splash the cash. When is last went to aus for a year i had something like £400 (i'm a kiwi so don't need to have extra cash proof).
If your taking £3.5k you ought to be able to keep a bit of it in reserve for later on whilst you work your way around.

Have a good one

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Is the £3,000-£3,500 you mention once you've paid the HUGE Bunac costs (even more expensive if you book their flights)?

I worked for IEP in Sydney a few years back, when their inbound hosting centre was still....developing! I think it's improved now, not that it was terrible before or anything like that. It's just possible to get that support elsewhere for cheaper - the way Bunac's program operates is restrictive to IEP being a commercially viable competitor in Sydney for hosting backpackers.

If £3,000-£3,500 is the amount you're taking across the border into Australia then you should be fine. Arriving in November will be interesting if you want to work soon after your arrival (it's coming up to summer and Sydney gets very full at that time of year!). People then start heading off again in January & February.

I'm not sure if Bunac have included in their literature yet about the ability to do "seasonal work" (which is a little more than fruitpicking now) for 3 months making you eligible to apply for a further 1 year working holidaymaker visa (which you can apply for during your first visa while in Australia, and the 1 year will continue from the expiry date of the old visa - or you can apply at a later date outside of Australia if you are still eligible).

IEP's office is right in the centre of the city, not far from the harbour, Queen Victoria Building - the office is just north of Martin Place.

If the job & accommodation boards at IEP don't offer what you're looking for, then youth hostels in Sydney often have the same kind of thing, and Travellers Contact Point in the Dymocks Building on George Street (1 or 2 blocks south of IEP) definitely does.

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hi thanks for the advice!
yeah once i pay the bunac costs i will have £3000 to take out with me. i am planning on staying in hostels and living as cheaply as possible. how long do u think that £2000 will last being sensible?
i know what u are saying about the bunac cost-it is a lot i know. but to be honest i have never travelled beofre alone (well u cant count Majorca can u!) and i want to feel taht i have got a good support network behind me. i'm not ashamed to admit that i am excitied but bricking it too!
i have spoken to a few friends who are australian and they said that nov is a better time to go than an alternative date i have with bunac which is in jan. what is your thoughts on this?
yes i def want to work and plan on getting a job after xmas. i would also like to volunteer- what are yr throughts on WOOF? volunteering on organic farm? do you know wnayone who has come accross them.
again thanks for taking the time to email me

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When working for IEP, I was aware of quite a few people doing the WWOOF thing - mainly Dutch people, but others too. One good thing about doing WWOOF is that it does count if you do 3 months in regards to applying for a 2nd working holidaymaker visa - so bear that in mind when you're over there and you might be able to stay in Australia for 2 years!

If you don't plan on working until Jan/Feb time then heading over in November will be fine - enjoy new years in Sydney! I was at Sydney Harbour for new year going into 2000 which was a great experience. The one potential issue will be finding accommodation, as it can be difficult from November-January when so many people are there. But not everyone faces problems in this - it's best to plan ahead before you go over! Once mid-late January comes and people are heading off travelling, then jobs in the Sydney area should start opening up again giving more choice.

Unless you really like working in high relentless heat (30-40+ celcius, which burns quickly due to the whole in the ozone layer above Australia), I would suggest looking at doing the WWOOF thing in the winter, May-September.