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1. Posted by millbah (Budding Member 3 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

The Silk Air Sense of Justice

Following the loss of my briefcase while in the care of Singapore Airlines / Silk Air, I would like to advise other business travellers of the problems arising and attitude of the responsible airline.

Brief facts of the incident include :

" My briefcase containing computer, camera, reports, files, diaries, and intellectual property was taken by SIA representatives on boarding a flight from Sydney / Singapore / Medan and never returned.
" The airline representative was advised of the contents and my concern.
" Unlike checked baggage, there was no record and no trace as to the whereabouts of the briefcase during transit by subsequent searches from Silk Air.
" The airline who sold the ticket takes responsibility for the loss.

In this case, Silk Air became the responsible party, and it here that their sense of justice becomes perverted. Silk Air considered that an amount $300 is fair compensation for loss of the above items. Even the simplest of minds would understand that such items could not be replaced for this sum of money. Silk Air's actions have become my burden. They would like me to accept the consequences of their inadequacies and this is an intolerable situation by any standard.

It is essential that business travellers are aware of potential risks that exist when flying with this airline. Beyond the illusion of practised smiles and immaculate presentations some disturbing issues arise. For example, why was there no record of the briefcase apart from the issued receipt? Is this an isolated incident or is it their standard of management ? What level of security is given where items of this type are in the safeguard of the airline? With checked baggage the precise container is known for security reasons, however this does not seem to apply for hand carry items. Surely loss of such baggage in a sensitive security environment becomes concerning. There is a suggestion of a flaw in airline travel safety.
Finally, Silk Air has threatened legal action for publicly disclosing circumstances relating to this incident. However as a government appointed representative of an expatriate community in Asia, I have a duty to inform others of problems that may be encountered with Silk Air so that travellers may not suffer similar losses.
The Silk Air sense of justice seems to dismiss the principle of fairness when issues of duty of care are concerned.

David Miller Medan Indonesia

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hi David,

Thanks for this enlightening and well documented and presented feedback.

It is rather ridiculous that they only offered you 300 dollars for the briefcase. I know these are troubled times for most airlines but surely cases like this lead to more long term damage of reputation than anything else!

If anyone else has either positive or negative feedback, I would welcome it. I have never flown them so can't give my opinion.



3. Posted by sitinurul (Inactive 7 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I believe that the first thing that you should have done is to declare whatever valuables that you have in your bag. Then, they'll know the real values of the things that you're carrying. I think most of the airlines have this kind of black and white thing. Do it next time. Sorry for the loss of your stuffs. Shouldn't have happened actually. 300 bucks are for you to buy sport shoes only.