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I will be in Europe from 29 September 2006 uptil 20th April 2007.I will be studying Law in three universities.

1.Since my first term is in Italy.I have obtained a Schengen Visa(Multiple entry) for 200 days.Type D plus Type C.It expires on 12th April 2007.

2.I need to stay in Germany from 1st Jan till March 30th.I have month or so till 2oth of April to see Europe-schengen countries){easter break}.Since my visa expires on 12th i have a problem.\

3.On 24th Aril my term in UK begins,so i have to leave Europe by the 22rd of April.

4.I applied for Schengen in Italian Embassy since its my first entry point to EU.

5.My doubt is :should i apply for German Student Visa from 1st January till April end? Or will this Schengen Visa suffice to study in Germany?

6.Should i apply or will they tell me i cant apply coz i already have my schengen?

7.I will be in UK from April till August 2007.

8.Any Advice would be really useful!

Looking forward to replies


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ask t_maia; she knows all the details about the German situation. But in general, you won't get another visa as long as one issued to you earlier hasn't expired, and then, in order to get a new one, you often have to apply for it in your own country, or in the country that you were in before you first entered Schengen. So I'm afraid your chances of getting this sorted are rather slim...

good luck,

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You definitely need a student visa from the German embassy in India, as a D+C visa issued by Italy will allow you to study in Italy (type D - national visa) and do short visits (tourism and business - type C visa) in other Schengen countries. Under normal circumstances your visa as it is will not allow you to study in Germany. There are some exeptions to it, one of them could be that the Italian embassy had permission by the German embassy to issue you a student visa for both countries. To figure that out contact the German embassy as soon as possible. Getting the German student visa will take at least three months and by law you need to apply for it while you are still in India.

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Thanks Maria,

I Have an appointment to meet the German Embassy guys tomorrow.

Thanks a lot!