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I want to apply for a working holiday visa and stay in canada for a year to leave early next year sometime. Only problem is that I have no idea where i want to be based. I would love to hear from other people who have done the same thing as me about things like: where you stayed, what jobs and was it easy to find employment, accomodationm, whether you enjoyed it etc etc. any information that would be helpul would be greatfully appreciated. I was thinking about working in a summer resort and then in the ski fields?? any opinions on those would be good aswell.

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Hi, you are Australian right?
I am an Aussie and I have got my 1 year working visa for canada and i am lining up a job on a ski resort to start oct/nov 04. The first thing you need to do is get your working visa NOW. They issue 7500 every year from january 1st and as soon as these are gone you will have to wait until january next year. from the day they issue the working visa you have 1 year in which to enter Canada for your i year to begin. There are aprox 1000 visa's left so you need to send of the application quick.
Check out for all the info.
I am lining up a job through program just for the security, savings, hassle and stress free, and knowing when I will be starting work so I can enjoy about a month of travel to my job. Sure it costs but I am travelling alone so it suits me more this way.
Hope that was a help

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I don't know if this website:

will be of any use to you but I'm traveling to Canada with one of the partners from England next month and I found them very useful! I'm basing myself in B.C. probably staying in Vancouver for most of it, so I'll let you know how it goes!


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Hey l_tully,

You asked for an opinion about working at a summer resort. I worked at Emerald Lake Lodge in BC last summer. It is part of Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts, Ltd. They are a good organisation and they treat their employees well. Your rent which includes food is taken off your cheque. You never have to worry about not being able to afford your rent. You will always be able to afford it, and everyone gets full time hours (40 hours a week or more if you choose). You live in the staff residence. It is deffinately a party place to work, so make sure you are into that or else you might be miserable living there! You are surrounded by incredible beauty so it really makes up for the fact that you live in dorms (which are actually pretty nice, anyway). Lots of people also go hiking on their days off, and there are tonnes of great hiking trails that base from Emerald Lake.

You can get a job without experience as a dishwasher in the kitchen (they have 2 restaurants and the staff cafeteria). The perk is you get a free meal every shift made by the chefs. It can be anything you want! Another non-experience position would be being a housekeeper or a woodsman/woman. Those are pretty self-explanatory. They are always day shifts so you have your evenings off, unlike if you get evening shifts in the dish pit (though you get free beer when you close). To be a server/hostess, bartender, front desk receptionist, maintenance/security, work in the boat rental shop, etc. you need some experience in that field and likely some references. Tips are good in the restaurants and you also get tips as a housekeeper. It helps if you speak another language fluently besides English.

If you decide to work in a summer resort or on a ski hill, make sure you get either a cheque book or make sure you have the proper information for directly depositing your cheque into your account (you get paid a few days earlier). Get a bank card. Open your account at a bank that has a branch near where you will be working so you won't have to hitchhike to the nearest town to cash your cheques on your day off! Don't open an account at TD Canada Trust, whatever you do!

You can apply online to any of the 3 resorts that are a part of CRMR (Deer Lodge, Emerald Lake and Buffalo Mountain Lodge) at this website:

Good luck! Have a fun trip, all of you!


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Hi guys,

Isn't there any WHM visa available for Malaysians after 911? I really love American but seems like there's no options for us. Any idea anyone?