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1. Posted by alextravel (Full Member 75 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,

I am planning a mammoth trip round the world for 2008, but this isnt going to be your normal see the sights and meet people type of trip...........

I live in Australia and by the end of this trip want to end up in the UK to start working. So the whole idea behind the trip is to leave Australia before the end of summer, travel through south america up to north america to arrive for the northern hemisphere summer and then onto europe. Along the way I want to organise being at as many life experience/time and place to be events as possible. Everything from huge rock concerts to sporting events to local cultural events to anything else random you can think of (such as a comet passing by or a full eclipse or something).

If anyone can offer advice of any amazing events they have attended in the americas, europe or the middle east then I would love to hear about them, and what time of year they happen. Also, if there is any specific once every four years, or once every decade things anyone can think of I would like to hear about them too.



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Well - you defo want to be in The UK for the Glastonbury festival - its normally 2nd weekend in June - although there wasnt one this year so dates are still to be confirmed for next year. Summer in the UK is festival season and with Glasto happening again, you cant go wrong. T-in the park is also a must if you can afford it as the scottish seem to party the best in the world!

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In Europe, good sources of lists of festivals include...

http://www.efa-aef.org/festivals/ which is for more serious festivals, Popular festivals for allot of the more popular ones (such as Running with the Bulls, La Tomatina and the like), and some of the more bizare ones (like wife carrying, bog snorkling and mobile phone throwing).This has a fairly wide ranging list, and even something like this page on wikipedia has a huge list of music festivals and links to them.

For things like solar eclipses, there is a list of when and where they will all occur in the next 14years at eclipses.

Etc. Etc.

Sports events happen everywhere all the time. The bigger ones generally need a bit more planning, but there are soooo many events that i'm not even going to try and start here.

If you work out a rough idea of when and where you will be (or what specifically you want to see in terms of type of event or sports) I can tell you wnhats on and where around that time, but it's such a big list otherwise that it's not worth even trying to compile


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The Burning Man festival in Nevada is a music festival held in the nevada desert. I hear it is quite something.


P.S With any luck I will be leaving about the same time for travels!

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For sporting events...if you're travelling in 2008, and you like soccer, you might want to visit Austria and Switzerland. Those two countries are hosting the 2008 Euro. As well, that summer, Beijing is hosting the 2008 olympics. I don't know much about the eclipses, but I know that in March 2006 many astronomers or people interested in space went to Turkey to see an eclipse; I don't know if there are similar events coming up in the near future. Have a great trip!

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hmmm... a hard thing to plan .. but of course the American Football Superbowl is played the first Sunday in Febuary, the Kentucky Derby the 1st Saturday of May, the World Series in November (but you never know where)

the Fourth of July in New York and the fireworks show is billed as the largest in the world, New Years in Times Square is also pretty awesome. The Memphis in May festival has a really fun barbeque world championship,

Mexico for Day of the Dead and cinco De Mayo

Carnival is in the caribbean at different times of the year... from march in Trinidad, July (I believe in Antigua) to December in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Tet is Feb in Vietnam, Songkran (spelled wrong) is March or April in Thailand, Mongolia has Nadaam in July

Tonga (the first place to greet the new year on Jan 1 I believe) for new years is supposed to be incredible.

there are thousands more... but time and scope is hard to plan. Feel free to pick my brain but that's a few which leap to mind. Good luck with tickets and such..