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Hi friends,
My brother and his wife are considering moving to Egypt within the next few years. Do any of you have any advice or reasons why they may want to reconsider? What is the typical lifestyle? What is the value of the American Dollar? Do you all have any suggestions of some cities they may want to check out?

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There are two lifestyles for foreigners:

1) poor, student or backpacker on culture immersion trip living in a small appartment for around 50 USD a month/rent and on another 40 USD per month for food and stuff. USDs get you very far in Egypt if you aren't too picky were you stay. Two people could easily and comfortably live off 150-200 USD per month.
2) rich, having been sent there by a foreign company doing business in Egypt, often having a big house with a garden and getting a salary that is appropriate for US or European standards, but obcene by Egyptian ones.

Option number 3 is not really an option, as it is mostly freign wifes of Egyptians trying to life an Egyptian life.

As for cities to check out: apart from Cairo the smaller cities around the capital like Tanta or Fayoum. Alexandria and Aswan are very nice too, but Aswan is unbearably hot in summer and only good from November to March.

Most important thing to check out: medical insurance.

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Yeah, I think it's a great idea. For 2 reasons. #1 America is quickly turning into a police state so it's really no place to live anymore. #2 If an Egyptian knows you're on his side (against the US Occupation and destruction of Iraq, Against Israel's Terrorist war on Lebanon and Gaza City) then you will have a friend for life. Egyptians (and Arabs in general) are some of the friendliest people on the planet. They will always respect you and expect you to respect them and if that is achieved (very easy to do) then things should go very smooth. In modern times the Arabs have been put on the back burner and treated like garbage (unless they were packed with oil like Saudi) so you must understand why they feel and act the way they do. As far as living there Cairo is rather hectic but has some great apartments and Restaurants around the city center. the area behind the Nile Hilton is pretty good.

Since the dollar goes SO far I would also get a condo (or visit often) in Hurgadah (sp?) on the Red Sea. The water is some of the most beautiful and clear est I've ever seen - a warm light Blue. The Sheraton on the water has rooms for about $45.00 a night "Beach Front" (I'm sure one could get a better weekly rate) The hotel is fantastic with great buffets every night, beer and wine, and some great entertainment. During the day the pool area is packed (even with topless sun bathing women - so much for consevative myths). It's also a great location to visit other interesting countries such as Greece, Italy, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE, Oman, on and on. (I would no longer recommend Israel - having been there numerous times - due to their current "Big Bully"/Terrorist behavior.) Great Idea, Great Country !!! GO FOR IT !!! Zoom

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I am planning a trip to Egypt in early September, can someone tell me what the weather is like. I assume that it is pretty hot during most of the year, how does one dress without being too conspicuous as a foriegner?

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No matter how you turn it, you'll stick out as a foreigner as 95% of the visitors to Egypt simply don't have the skin tone needed to blend in.

My suggestion: Bring long, lightweight cotton pants and lightweight buttondown cotton shirts with short sleeves. If you must wear shorts and cannot do without them, make sure your knees are covered at all times. Women should wear long skirts reaching their ankles if possible, if they wear pants they need long loose-fitting blouses that cover their bum. Bare midriffs and low cut tops are also a no-no. Baggy unisex T-Shirts are good, they cover your upper arms. Sturdy shoes are a most, best wear leather sandals or oxfords. Sneakers or trainers are not worn by locals. A woman should not wear a headscarf unless she is actually muslim.

In September the record temperature for Egypt is 112F. That is easily reached in Abu Simbel and Aswan. At the Red Sea and the Mediterranean it should be a bit better, but expect 100F at Luxor. Having a hotel with running aircon and a pool is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

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I advise them to enjoy their living in Egypt as They will find many friends.Egyptian people like to welcome their guests.
I will be happy to meet them and welcome them too.
They have to take care because there are some thieves . They have to plan for their living her by having a journey to explore the life in Egypt and then decide What to do.
I am an English teacher and MCSA(Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator)I will be happy to be their friend in Egypt and I can give them a hand.