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1. Posted by spalato (Budding Member 6 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

can anyone plese tell me is there a train or bus from lisbon to sagres and evora? What is the price of the ticket and how many horus do i have to spent on the road :)

If i have to pick between theese 2 cities (i will not have much time) which one shold i pick to see and way? Is it thruth that in sagres are the best sunsets on the world?


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There should be a train from Lisbon to Sagres (last year although). I don't know any details because I came from Faro. I didn't see Evora but I heard there is much to see, on cultural level then.
I spent 2 days at Sagres and I must admit that it was splendid. The little town is nothing special, but you can visit the fortress a bit further, which is build on the rocks at the border of the see. You also must go to Cabo Saô Vincence, it is the most southwestern point of Europe. There you have a lighthouse and an amazing view over the different landtongs in form of plateaus. If you're brave, you can climb some rocks above the wild ocean but be carefull, a young guy already died there... These 2 places give you a endless feeling, like the world suddenly and roughly ends right there. And yes, I watched a magnificent sunset sitting next to the fortress and viewing Cabo Saô Vincence.... and finally, when the sun is gone, the lighthouse shines! Don't forget your camera...
have a nice trip to the end of the world ;)

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there are no direct trains to sagres or evora from lisbon you always have to change.

if you go to sagres, you take the intercity train, destination faro and get out in tunes where you can take the regional train to lagos(last stop). then in lagos you can take the local bus.price of train jorney one way(19.84).time:4h17 minutes.
by bus. the best is to take eva bus to lagos.price(30.60 euros two ways, 15 euros one way)time:almost 4 hours.
the bus from lagos to sagres may cost 5.60 two ways or 2.60 one way.
Like in the previous post, sagres has great beaches, the landscape, the fort, the cape, but it's better if you have car, even you can walk to some places.

to evora by train to you take the intercity to beja and get out in casa branca and then take the train evora.but i think that the line between evora and casa branca is not working i think there is some works in the line. price:one way 10 euros.time:1.26h
by bus you have the rede expressos directly to evora:you also have eva (price:19.40(two ways)10.80/9.80 one way). evora is good if you like monuments and tipical south portuguese city, very well preserved.you may walk everywhere.

you may combine both sagres and evora but maybe you don't have a lot of time.
there are buses from evora to lagos that cost 13.80(one way) and takes almost 4h.
good websites they have english version http://www.cp.pt/ (trains)
rede-expressos (http://www.rede-expressos.pt/0010.asp)no english version.

anymore questions just post.


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I notice you have all the basic iformations you needed. Let me just add that Sagres is a small village, with unique seaside sceneries, and Evora is a wonderful monumental small city - a must if you care for cultural memories to keep all your life. As a Classified World Resort by UNESCO, Evora has very good web sites with photographs. One of them: