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I have gone online and researched the best way to pack your belongings, the positives and negatives to different packs and what to bring. My trip is still a long ways away but i have to start preparing now. I was thinking about it and was wondering about things like, Where do you wash your clothes? should i bring detergent? if my clothes get wet i shouldnt repack them in my bag obviously. How do i keep the moisture out? I also tend to pack alot of clothes, i know i cant do that but not very much fits in my bag, so on average how much clothes does everybody else bring? Any extra tips or advice would be appreciated.

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A friend of mine who backpacked Europe would hang any still-wet clothes (especially her towel) from her backpack to let them dry while she walked around. Bring air-tight plastic bags to store any really wet clothes, just in case.

I usually wash my clothes in the sink - although as I only travel for weeks (and not months) at a time, that usually means giving the occassional t-shirt - as well as socks and underwear - a scrub once or twice. I bring a small bottle of detergent or just use whatever soap that's available.

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You don't say where you are travelling. In hostels in places like Aus/NZ there are coin operated machines, which means you really need to wait until you have a full load or its not worth doing, although unless you can pool your washing with a friend. In South East Asia, people will do your washing by weight, which is great if you only have a few things.

If you have anything to wash, make sure you do it when you arrive at a destination so that it has time to dry. Plastic bags are essential though, because there will always be a time when you have wet things when you move on.


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they make some very light clothes that dry quickly .look for materiel that doesn't need ironing.marks and spencers make some tope that are as light as a plastic bag and wash /dry brill large plastics bags come in handy put your jeans under your matress -there'll be ironed by morning. the thinnest undies are tha best usually u can find some soap to wash-buy local.remember when washing only wash the dirty parts of your clothes. when you havelaunderette wash all. depends on where you are going any wet clothes go at the very bottom of your packing.i's easy

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Anywhere you get , first thing you take care about is washing. Get a washing line in your pack and you can dry your clothes in your room. It looks a bit messy but clothes are dry in the morning. You have to be careful while packing at home, not to take tick materials as jeans which takes days to dry.


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I'm very much against washing things in the sink. You cannot get them really clean and when it is sweaty t-shirts in a hot climate you'll start stinking soon. You can do it once, but the second time the piece is dirty please use a washing mashine. When washing it in the sink, the best and cheapest detergent is shampoo. It is very easy on the clothes and gets out the dirt quite nicely. Most big brands of shampoo are available internationally, so you can buy local.

I usually take 3 changes of clothing for shorter trips up to ten days: one set I wear, the other two I carry. When going for longer, I have 4 to 5 sets, depending how easy it is to find washing and how hot it is. I'll be going to Iran in less than 4 weeks and I know that it will be so hot that I need to change once a day if not more often. Thus I need to bring more than I would need if I was able to wear my clothes 3 days in a row without stinking. Two t-shirts per day will be the minimum and since I don't want to carry too much, I'll be picking my hotels based on their laundry service.

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I pack everything into see-through zip lock bags. So, put all your t-shirts in one bag, squash it and seal it. Then do the same with your shorts, underwear etc. Because its been squashed and sealed it means there is no air in there and makes everything more compact. Also it saves your clothes getting wet and helps when you're searching for things in your rucksack. Definitely the best way to do it! Have a couple of spare bags to put a) dirty washing in and b) wet clothing. However, like tina said, if you can just hang the wet stuff onto your bag whilst walking around.