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Now i dont want to sound stuck up or anything but i was told by a previous porfessor that certain parts of central/south america are not safe for, specifically, americans. He is a frequent mountaineer, just recently back from Ecuador, and I have always valued his advice. I was told that i should say i am from europe or canada in certain areas to avoid problems. But the feel i get from everyone here is that everything is pretty much safe, with the necassary precations. Is there something i need to know? (*i have so many more questions!!*) any help would be aprreciated and set my mind at ease. thanks

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i would never lie about where i am from. i hear about, mailny american, who say their from canada and europe for some reason i cant fully respect them at all. i always say im an american and im not overly patriotic either. why would you hide who you are

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I agree with Tyler. That said, Americans are not approached very positively in the greater part of South America at the moment, which imho is hardly surprising. It´s nothing to do with individual tourists, but everything with recent american foreign politics in SA...

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My choise of safe place will be Costa Rica. The only serious criminals there are thiefs. There are many poor people there so they try to steal. The bonus is that if you are carefull you will not get robed, and anyway they are not violent people so it usualy ending up well. If anybody has different opinion about CR write here. Anyway the feeling to go around, even as a single woman traveler going solo, is safe and welcoming. If you have wyes and common sense you will be just fine.

Have a good time