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We will be passing through switzerland on the train from paris to italy and was just wondering whether its worth stopping off at luzerne or interlaken for a few days or so to experience switzerland. Is one city better than the other in terms of places to sight see etc? What kind of things does switzerland have to offer!? We will be going in early december- yes it will be freezing! ARGH! Also, does anyone have any hostel suggestions or cheap/good accomadation- i think doesnt offer switzerland as a destination!
Danielle and natalie

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I've been to both Luzern and Interlaken. Quite surprisinly, Luzern is not the small town I imagined it would be. It is a charming city. But to be honest, Interlaken is where you should go if you want to experience a place that epitomizes the classic Alpine images of Switzerland. My suggestions for Interlaken are as follows:

a) Go to the top of Mt. Jungfrau
b) Do a morning hike to Lauterbrunnen
c) Do a boat trip to Brienz.

Give yourself about two-three days in Interlaken. As far as accomodation, I would recommend the "tents" section of Balmers Hostel. The website is

Hope this helps.


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It all depends upon your interest also, In luzern you'll get mt.titlis and mt.pilatus as well as lake luzern, you can see the chapel bridge and the dieing lion monument.In interlaken as pranav said you can enjoy, also if you want to check for something gud you can check it from

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thanks for those ideas guys! The tents that pranavc suggested are not available for us as we are traveling in winter time and that finishes in september. We were just really interested in visiting a place surrounded with beautiful mountains and seeing gardens, galleries etc...cultural things!

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well u can go for around 4 days or 5 days kind of short trip while covering best depends upon ur budget also..i can help u out if u can let me know ur days for holidays and ur budget also if possible, hw many people so that i can guide u for the cheapest hotels or the best places u can cover...



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One thing that I can recommend if you're going to Interlaken is the Open Air Museum Ballenberg.

It's beatiful, surrounded by snow capped mountains you'll walk around traditional houses from as far back as the 16th Century from all parts of Switzerland and I think there might even be some demonstration of traditional crafts on.

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Hello Aan,
We havent finalised where we are going, but are thinking interlaken over luzern.
We were thinking about staying two days there- just on our way through (so stopping by on our train trip) to milan or venice. The dates we were planning to go is early December.
We're looking at spending no more than $200/250 (australian- which is pretty similar to the francs so one aust dollar=1.05 francs) for the two days (all costs...accomadation/food/sight seeing)- per person. Its just two people.
Any help would be greatly appreciatiated!
PS. What are the costs for food and other things such as sights compared to other european countries? Just trying to get a feel about how far our money will go.


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Hi. I've travelled a lot in Switzerland as my ex-girlfriend lived in Zurich and took me pretty much everywhere. In my opinion, Interlaken, the Jungfrau and the surrounding area is absolutely spectacular, but I prefer to be there in Summer.

I would choose Lucerne. My favourite view in the whole of Switzerland is from on the Rigi, specifically, from Rigi Kaltbad, looking down at the lake of Lucerne. (The lake is shaped like a cross, which is appropriate as it is pretty much the centre of Switzerland.)

From Lucerne you can also go up the Titlis (on a rotating cable car!) and the Pilatus - both are spectacular! Lucerne also has nice restaurants, a famous bridge, an IMAX cinema, a glacier museum / garden etc. It is also only an hour by train to Zurich.

Which ever place you choose, you will think you made the right decision though - both are beautiful!

Have a great time!

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I did not realize they don't have the tents at Balmers after September. Your other options for stay are the "Backpackers Hostel" or "Funny Farm". "Funny Farm" is owned and run by an Australian. I've heard it's pretty nice too. Hope this helps.