I need help for Road Expedition by car to Asia and Europe!

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Finally i have my plan of the life! I am going on adventure travel for 1.5 year (or mabe
more). In march 2005 i will start and i will drive a car across whole central asia and entire
europe. It will be a special safari type car like Honda CVR etc. I will take one more
companion, who has not been decided yet.
I plan to carry laptop, lcd projector for Mobile Photo/Art Exhibition in the cities i cross.
The photos will be the series/ sequence on Cultural Transition/changes from India to
Europe. So i will keep on taking photos across my trip and display them in the next city, so
as soon as i am closer to europe i am having more materials and theme to display. I also
want to explore the word of art in various cultures during this travel. For my art exhibiton i
have many themes in my mind, i will keep many themes during every exhibition. few of
them are :
(These all will be comprative studies/presentations)
1. 'From Ganaga to Thames'(name of the river in that city, for example): photos on - how
the river affects the that city life, art and culture.
2. 'Life along the streets.'
3. 'The common man.'
I also plan to do experience/interactive art show related with 'Healing Arts '
The expedition route is:
There may be changes in the sequence of countries, if u have any sugestions, great!
Also if u like, it will be great if u wish to participate in this project in ANY forms. new
methods and ideas can be inspirations for this project. I want to work in team with groups,
people across the world...the project is open to anyone who wish to join.
Please comment on this project! I need suggestions...

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I'd be interested in hearing more about your trip. I am from the USA, but if there is some way I can help out, or even better... come along, let me know.

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