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I need advice. My husband and I met in Hawaii while backpacking solo, we don't like resorts and love to explore. Now we have a baby that's almost a year and we're trying to figure out the best way of travelling with him.

We want to go around Fiji and Tonga for about 3 weeks to a month.

We are light packers (since we don't like to stay in one spot), but our baby needs certain things:

Bottles and his organic formula (we're going to need to be flexible with that and his non-bleached diapers for sure). We have this bottle-warmer, but it won't fit the plug in Fiji (US style).

Car-seat- don't know how necessary that is in Fiji or Tonga... on ferries we won't need it, but I'm guessing that if we rent a car they won't have carseats available on the smaller islands (Vanua Levu and Taveuni)?

Stroller- if we bring the carseat, we can put it in the stoller with a backpack ontop and then just carry our baby, but it's also a pain in the butt to bring all this stuff since I have a backproblem and can't carry much. So we're thinking if it's fine to just bring a:

Child carrier backpack- this sounds good, a heavy duty backpack that my husband can put on his back, put our baby in and then we can be more flexible with hiking etc. Will it replace a stroller though? Ideally we'd just buy a carrier like this and not bring either carseat or stroller...anyone know of their favorite carrier, I've checked some brands called Kelthy and Rhumba (I probably spelled both wrong).

Usually when we go somewhere, we either bring a playpen for him to sleep in or make sure they have one available. We tried having him sleeping inbetwwen us, but he's probably the most active baby I know of- he'll box us in the face (not kidding) kicks us non-stop (clearing for more space for him?) flaps his arms up and down in his sleep (!) and sleepwalks... I think you get the point. But bringing a playpen is definetly out of the question. Could we rig something on the floor maybe?

By the way- our boy is very advanced for his age. He is 11 months and already walks and runs. He also swims (very little, but cute) and holds on to my back while we go "diving" together. He's a water baby. He loooooves to travel and flirts with all the girls... cute little charmer, but very active also. He does not want to sit still and chill... but who can blame him, he's a learning baby and he's got mama and papas exploring genes... he he.

Any advice is appreciated

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When you get it all figure out, let us know.
I for one, can't imagine doing it. Unless Junior can carry all his stuff in his own rucksack. I mean you have so much extra stuff for him and HIM to carry, how will you two ever carry your own?

I have four children, but I just can't imagine taking them backpacking at that age. Seriously, I would wait until he is a bit older.

Good luck!

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We definetly don't want to bring all this stuff, we're looking for advice and practical solutions. Anything is possible with the right spirit, attitude and good connections. :):):)

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I would think the child carrier is better than the stroller. Strollers can be a pain if the roads are bad and if your walking up and down a lot of hills.
I found a pretty good site about chosing a carrier, and it's sounds like it will have pretty much enough storage space so you might not have to have a big diaper bag..

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Thanks Angela! Yes, we decided to go with either the Kelthy pathfinder or Sherpani Rumba... so one obsticle is taken care of.:):):)

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You're going to bring your own diapers? Maybe enough for a day or two, but any more than that and there'll be room for nothing else.

Don't worry about a bottle warmer.

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I remember reading about a local reporter who decided to take a few months off to backpack Asia with his wife and tddler. I can't find the story anywhere, but I came across this:


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Thanks Tway- great site!

Yes James, we will only bring as much diapers as we need until we find a store there...the items listed above is what he needs, then how we solve it is another thing. Like if anyone has inventions on how to make a bottle-warmer by putting aluminum foil around the bottle and placing it in the sun to warm up the milk... just a thought...hmmm...might actually work... he he.

We've narrowed it down to getting the Sherpani Rumba child carrier for our boy, and then either a Swiss Army or Osprey rolling backpack.

Keep the good ideas and advice comming, appreciate it alot:):):)

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Now lm not a parent so lm no expert (but l do have 2 neices and a nephew under the age of 5 with 2 being under 1 year old!!) a bottle warm isnt essential surely - when flying or out anywhere most places will give you a jug of warm water to heat the bottle in? Save on space!! My sister always carries her bottles in an insulated bottle carrier to keep them fresh.

Have you thought about Terry nappies which can be washed out and reused? Not as handy as disposible diapers but alot more envirnomentally friendly and easier to pack!

I dont know if this is any help at all!


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This tips site is exellent:

When I was in Jerusalem I saw a couple who had a convertible child carrier. At first it was just like a regular child carrier you are used to see on backpackers, but then they pulled out some wheels and clicked them into the frame of the carrier and pulled out some handles - instant stroller! It was amazing to watch.