How to get from Pecs (Hungary) to Slovenia?

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I know there is no direct route - so just wondering- Does anyone know the easiest way to get from Pecs in Hungary to Ljubljana in Slovenia? Either by bus or train. Where would I have to change? And does anyone know how much it might cost?

I am also wondering if Pecs is any good- is it really really worth visiting?

Also can anyone recommend any other places to visit in Hungary?

Thanks :)

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I happen to like Pecs, but i suppose that if you aere only on a limited timeframe, it isn't a "must see" in the standard sense. But worth a day or so if you have time. Parts of Lake Balaton are really nice (West bank on Northern end is most unvisited section, i like the Western bank southern end best) although it tends to be overrun with Austrians and Germans in summer.

Connections in that part of the world aren't amazing (or frequent) with often just 1 or 2 - 1 being at night - connections across the borders. The easiest by far is to aim to conenct into the daily Budapest - Venice day train, almost certainly at Fonyod. Know idea of the timings, but from memory (and assuming it hasn't changed much in the last 18mths...) it leaves Budapest around 08.30, so you probably need to be in Foyod around 10.30-11. Don't know how goes the connection from Pecs is, but there is one.

That train (and if you miss it, most other options) take you via Croatia and Zagreb, which may be relevant if you are from a country which needs Croatian visas (all EU and many others don't). If you miss it, you can fudge your way across yourself, but it will take longer and involve changing at least in (excuse spelling) Gyekenes and Koprivnica, the two border posts, and again in Zagreb so will take a chunk longer. And you may well also have to change in Dombova (an hour or so from Pecs), and Dobova on the Croatian - Slovenian border. And if you really time it badly, in Zidani Most in Slovenia as well...

Unless you are really comfortable with traveling by trains, don't have much stuff or have a big sense of adventure (or choose to break the journey on route), take the easy option. Basically, to make it easy, get to Fonyod in time for the direct train!

There is also at least (or, rather, was) one Pecs - Zagreb bus a day, and Zagreb bus station is right next to the train station, giving you a few bus and train options from there to Ljubljana. Again, if nothing direct is up, take any train to Dobova on the border and change.

Hope that vaguely helps...

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Pecs is a nice Hungarian city. If you need a train timetable and route planner visit the official site. -snip-.

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