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1. Posted by Desafinado (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi, has anyone ever stayed at the Meridian Court Hotel in Nairobi? It seems reasonable to me, but I'm mildly concerned about its proximity to River Rd and Tom Mboya St, which are apparently a bit dodgy especially after dark. Any advice? Thanks!

2. Posted by Peter64 (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

You must have your own agenda for staying in Nairobi: personally I wouldn't. A tent pitched somewhere in the bush would be a lot more pleasant!
However, you should consider any area of that City pretty doubtful.
That said, go to,

- where you'll see the sort of ratings others have placed upon the Meridian Hotel. It's not an exact science of course but is an indication that they all survived. It does not tell us the number who would wish to return. The statistical ratings one has to take on face value: they might have been tampered with or they may be as the visitor actually intended.

You may take you cue however, from the cost of an airport taxi 1500 KES (shillings). This is a little over £11 GBP. The distance involved is 12km.

To get an idea of the city layout, go to,

- and work your way around Nairobi. The Maridian is not in the City centre, nor is it on River Rd., being more on the North side. Quite possibly what the hotel says of itself is therefore reasonable. From the website above you can peer myopically at the images they provde and make your own mind up.
If you intend staying for any length of time in Kenya i.e. if you are holidaying, you might be better advised to step into a Travel agency in Nairobi and ask about nicer places to visit and things to do; remember East Africa is one of the worlds Mecca's for wildlife - little of which is seen in the cities or towns.
Avoid drinking untreated water i.e. from rivers/lakes. Take medical advice on anti-malarial drugs. Pack a good mosquito net.
Have a nice time!


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Okay Meridian is not a very bad place.All you have to make sure id that if you are going to be returning at night it might be better t to approach the entrance from the moi avenue side as opposed to the lower side. However depending on what your agenda is it might be better to look for an alternative.I have lived in kenya all my life and touch wood i have never been mugged so its not all that bad.Just keep your eyes open and you should be alright. Stick to fixed tours dont buy tours on the street.Most of all try to have some fun.
I would recommend getting a copy of the rough guide to kenya.

4. Posted by Desafinado (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks guys - very useful information indeed! The only reason I'll be in Nairobi is it's the starting / ending point of a camping safari that I'll be doing. I'm a bit curious about the suggestion re. mosquito net, though. Would I need it even inside the hotel room? As for those nights when I'll be camping, I would have thought the tent would be sufficient to keep those mozzies out - or is this too bold an assumption?