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1. Posted by armaflex (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

There's 7/8 of us that are gonna do a small Eurotrip with a van from mid-July to mid-august,we are all between 19 and 20 yrs old and are all "extreme" budget travelers....
our route,with probably quite a few modifications on the way,is supposed to look like this:
Ljubljana- Monaco- Marseilles- Andorra :)-Barcelona(4days)- Pamplona - San Sebastian- Bordeaux- Loarre valley- Paris(5days)- Bruxelles- Rotterdam- Haag- Amsterdam(4days)- Kőln- then straight back to Ljubljana
we were wondering if any of you could tell us about beautiful places and landmarks that are "of the beaten track" and not in guidebooks but stil worth visiting,and also what is a "must see" by your opinion on our route...and please don't send us of course by more than 100km.
we found hostels and camps in Barca,Paris,Amsterdam....where could we sleep when not in major cities.....beaches,gas stations?! (is it dangerous???)
Thanks for your info!

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Not dangerous - but expensive! Have you calculated the kilometres and considered the cost of fuel in the countries you are visiting yet? The tolls you have to pay on the French motorways? The fact that Monaco, southern France, Paris and Amsterdam are some of the most expensive places in the whole world to be a tourist?

With that much on the road, your "small" Eurotrip is actually quite big. My estimate of the kilometers driven is between 3000-4000 just by looking at the places you want to go to. I hope you have planned enough time.

As for packing a tent and camping wild in the fields - it is illegal, but if you are sensible the worst that can happen is that somebody comes and tells you to leave. Drive the backroads, look around a bit and where possible politely ask people where you could pitch a tent for one night on the cheap. Farmers might offer you to stay on one of their fields, if you can convince them that you won't make trouble. Be aware that Spain and Southern France have a severe problem with forest fires, so open fire outdoors is very strictly regulated. For this reason police might come down hard on you if you camp wild there - but this is for the safety of everybody, you included.

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is it possible to add London into your trip

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Quoting grasshoppa

is it possible to add London into your trip

Of course, driving around in a car is the way to see London - very very cheap, roads are free of traffic jams, one-way lanes are unknown and everybody is driving on the right side of the road, thus no hassle for the continental tourist after he manages to cross the Channel. Which explains why almost all Londoners use the Tube and not the car! ;)

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