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Hi, I am about to go to Belize in a weeks time as part of my rtw trip from the UK. My bag was pretty ful and I didnt want to carry looads of stuff til i needed it so I thought (should have checked I know!) I could get my Malaria tablets in Miami (where I am now) over thc counter as in uk. But when I went I was told I needed a prescription from a doctor, so I now need to register with a doctor ($80).

My question is though Do I actually need Malaria tablets for Belize, I doint think I wil be going into the Jungle really, I am thinking of staying mostly around the Cayes to do a lot of diving and relaxing. A couple of people here have said not to bother but the travel clinc before I went said to get some.

Any ideas? Thanks very much in advance


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Dengue, not Malaria is common now in Central America during the rainy season, and yes it is raining in Belize about daily. This is an alert for El Salvador on a daily bloq, however the information given applies to the much of the entire region......The government of El Salvador has issued alerts relating to the risks of dengue fever and heavy rains.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, "dengue is the most important mosquito-borne viral disease affecting humans." Salvadoran government statistics report that the average number of cases in the country has increased from 60 per week in June to 111 per week in July. This increase prompted the government to place three departments -- San Salvador, La Libertad and Sonsonante -- under a yellow alert, while the rest of the country is under a preventive green alert. So far this year there have been reports of 2435 cases of classic dengue and 76 cases of the much more serious dengue hemorrhagic fever, and one infant has died.

Meanwhile, the entire country is also under a preventive green alert related to risks from heavy rains. Saturated soil conditions and a weather system which could bring repeated storms raise the danger of flooding and mudslides.

In the rainy season between May through October, the risks of dengue and storms go together. The dengue mosquito thrives in areas of standing water left by the rainstorms. The government engages in fumigation efforts and campaigns to educate residents about covering water containers and reducing available breeding grounds for the mosquito.

Posted by Tim to Tim's El Salvador Blog at 7/16/2006 09:15:00 AM

When you arrive in Belize City, BEFORE you boat out to the Cays go to a Chemist (Pharmacy) and ask them what meds you will need, if any, no prescription will be required and will be less expensive than in Miami. If you stay in a cabin on the beach, make sure mosquito netting is provided. If you have any plans for boating or excursions go early mornings when it is calm and sunny.

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PS I got dengue in 1987 in Honduras, for several days I felt I was going to die. Not fun. Advice to all travelling to C.A. during this rainy season, especially to rural areas with poor sanitation.

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Thanks for that! Will ask as soon as I get there