3½ months long enough to plan??

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Hi guys just found this forum, when desperately need advice!

Basically being made redundant end of august, and am thinking of a 12 month trip with my girlfriend to India/SE Asia/Oz/South America (roughly!) possibly in October.

We were content on a month in india until about a week ago, now we are thinking about 12 months (girlfriend will quit work). There are various things we need to sort out, like renting house also.

We went to Thailand/Cambodia in 2004 for a month, so have some experience of planning a trip. Just wondering if 3½ months is enough to plan a RTW trip?

And if £20,000 is enough for 2 people for everything inc RTW flights.


2. Posted by ainsworth1 (Budding Member 30 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Just to add, when i said we were content with a month until about a week ago. the idea isn't just a spur of the moment thing. Its something we have talked about quite a few times over the last couple of years. After our first 2 week trip to thailand, we talked about having 3 months. And after our month in thailand we talked about longer again.

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hi there i am doing a similair type of trip starting october , bought the tickets yesterday , bought the ba quantas tickets £1300 including taxes (£340) because they will let you change times, and for a fee, destinations which i thought was a good idea because we dont realy have an itinery as such, just going to go with what feels right at the time ,visa problems may be another issue
cheers j+h

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Hi there, what is your route? Are you renting too?
Do you mind me asking you about your budget?

Sorry for all the questions!

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I would say £20,000 is more than enough for 2 people for 1 year, even including the flights and you haven't chosen very expensive countries to travel around (apart from oz) so you should be fine.

31/2 months should be enough time and as your finishing your job in at the end of August you'll have plenty of time to plan the trip. First thing I would start with is looking into getting your vaccinations as with some you need more than one injection, e.g. Hep B.

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yes we are renting , infact the house is going up for rent at the begining of august ,we are doing southeast asia ,for 4 months oz/nz for 4 months and either north or south america for 4 months .We thought we would wait till oz to decide on n or s america hence paying a little extra for reroutable tickets ,we have not planned our route too much as things tend to change when you are away , i tend to read the travel books when i am at home and take a list of a couple of places i would like to see in each country ,alot of the rest is word of mouth personal reccomendations etc as you bump into people, in oz i am buying a campervan to tour as a feel this is the best option bed and wheels rolled into one hope this helps

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My boyfriend and I are doing the same thing as you guys. We are both being made redundant (my boyfriend at the end of September and myself at end of October). We are planning to fly at beginning of October. We are also going to book the BA/Quantas World Discovery Plus ticket (but not until my official letter comes through!) which will work out around £1300 each.

We are also having to put our house up for rent which will probably be around beginning August, that's what a rental agent has told us to do. It's a bit of a headache getting things sorted with the house, ie getting Corgi certificates for the gas and making sure the house is up to standard, but we've been chipping away at this for a while.

£20,000 should be plenty for 12 months, you should be able to have a decent standard of living on that. We are planning on 2 years away and have budgeted around £15,000 without flights for each year. Our friends did the same trip as we are doing on £8,000 for both of them without flights, but they really did rough it along the way! Like you we have been to Thailand and Cambodia for month trips away.

Our itinery is South America/NZ/SE Asia for the first year and then where ever takes our fancy for the second year!


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Of course it's long enough, simply because it's possible to do it without planning at all!

20,000gbp for 2 people for a year should be more than enough , providing that you don't spend the majority of that time in Australia (or other expensive destinations) and you don't blow out all the time.

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Yeah the money thing should not be an issue... I've seen some people have AMAZING trips at USD $25,000/year for two. I would just worry about getting your vaccinations in time :-)