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1. Posted by ggithens (Full Member 5 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

I've been attempting to solidify some plans for circling Asia and heading down under but if has been rather difficult with RTW fares not allowing what I want to do. Here is an example itinerary.

Japan-Kathmandu-overland-Delhi-Bangkok-overland SE Asia back to Bangkok-Sydney-work, travel-Auckland-USA

My first question for anyone who can help is- Where should I look for discount fares with my intended route?
Is it better to just fly one-way to Bangkok, do my SE Asia travel and then find a round-trip to Kathmandu-India back to Bangkok before leaving for Australia?

I am open to different configurations so throw anything at me.

Another note, does anyone have experience with Visa Travel Money or The Travelers Cheque card from American Express? Do you recommend these or another way of getting money in Asia-Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand? Is there perhaps a bank there that won't rip me off as much as Visa or American Express? Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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I flew from Bangkok to Delhi, 4 weeks across India and then across to Kathmandu crossing the border at Kakkavitta? which is near Siliguri in NE India. A 1 way flight from Kathmandu cost me 240 dollars with Royal Nepal. Thai was 250 dollars. My ticket from Bangkok to Delhi was 12,900 baht i think, but that was an open return (i didn't use the return leg and got an 1800 baht refund after a 4 month wait). Hope this helps.

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Did you check the link they have here? It's not bad, but check out also http://www.bootsnall.com/tripplanner.shtml

Some of the local travel agencies may be able to help but i think Cathy Pacific sometimes has some good around the world fares and another one I found was http://www.circletheglobe.com/html/around_the_world_tickets.php

since your starting point is different, I don't know what the cost is going to be, but I'm sure they would be willing to work with you. The circle the globe is a great price. wish I had seen it before and wish I had the time - but I think it connects to most places you are seeking. good luck