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Hay guys,

I am going travelling with my boyfriend at the start of next year. We have our money all sorted now just need to book our flights.

We are planning to go to Thilland for a month then Cairns - Sydney and Melbourne for 3 months.

Thing is i dont have a clue what to do!! I have been on a website to book flight and they are comn to around £3,ooo for both of us.

After the flights are booked what do we need to do?? Travel Insurance i know but thats about it!! ANy help would be appreciated.

Thanks xxx

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can i ask why the other thread under the same title was reported as spam?

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Because it was the a duplicate post, there was the same text in it. So I flagged it as duplicate post and it needs to be deleted.

I know that the poster is genuine, it's just the system that puts the spam flag on and it looks very harsh. Admin are aware of that and they are looking into it.

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ohk thanks for that... just curious

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the other thread is now gone

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If you drop by your local student travel, sta travel or other low cost travel agency, they should be able to get you much cheaper options for flights. I've found that unless you're an expert at navigating the mess that are most online flight booking websites, or want nothing but the most straightfoprward return, travel agencies definitely still are worth their while, purely with the amount of time they can save you with digging up the best prices (just don't blindly accept the first options they give you, and explore alternatives together with them).

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Hi Janebell,

To start off i think the price you paid for your flights alone was a bit steep but in saying that im new to the travel scene.. Myself and two mates are going travelling at the start of October and we paid £2000 each but that was for:

1 - Flights (a severe load of flights.)
2 - Premium insurance
3 - Tour from bangkok to singapore (lasts 2 weeks)
4 - 3 nights accomidation in bangkok (3 star hotel)
5 - 3 nights accomidation in singapore(4 star hotel)
6 - 3 nights in a hostel in melbourne..

We didnt bother shopping around as this quote which we got from STA seemed pretty good.. Aswell as your insurance if you intend to go to Thailand you need to go and see your doctor about getting travel vaccines.. I got mines two days ago and needed two injections for thailand and none for the other countries.

If you dont know what to do when reaching Oz you could always do one of those tours down the coast..

Hope this helps..