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hey guys
i really want to explore some of japan. im really intrested in looking at the beautiful country, more so than bulidings. i would like to experience some real authentic and unique places out there. i have never been, and i would love to hear other people experiences. how long shall i plan to stay...i have time on my side.
any replies are highly appreciated

cheers xx

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If you want to check out the coutryside, then Hokkaido and Okinawa are probably your bets chances. Okinawa has some amazing beaches (provided you go to the right places), and it has an amazing culture as well... I like to think of it as a mix between Australia and Japan. Very amazing area. And I haven't been to Hokkaido but my students are constantly telling me that it's all beautiful fields and mountains. My LJ is mainly my experiences from travel in Japan... I've been living in Japan for over a year adn i've travelled to Okinawa, Nagasaki, Kyoto, Okasa, Hiroshima, Miyajima, and all through Tokyo and surrounds. If you've got any questions, lemme know.

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thank you so much for your reply, wow it sounds amazing.
i really loved reading your travel journal, what fun you must have had!!
i will definatley be asking you questions nearer to the time!

many thanks

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Hi! I studied in Yokohama from October 2005 to March this year!
I have lots of suggestions as I travelled extensively while I was over there!
It just depends what time of year you're thinking of going..
If you're going to be there in winter I really recommend Nikko, you can stay in Japanese resorts up in the mountains for a great price - I spent my christmas there, was absolutely amazing.
Otherwise Hakone is a great day trip from Tokyo. Many, many hot springs for you to visit while you're there. One of my favourite things to do in Hakone is visit this huge hot springs resort/complex called Yunessun.. they have all different kinds of baths - red wine, sake, green tea, charcoal, dead sea - it's incredible!! Here's the website address if you'd like to have a look:
Feel free to contact me if you have anymore questions!

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Hokkaido in winter is gorgeous - I was there for a few days and was totally charmed.

In late spring, you might want to visit the Tohoku region. It's about a couple hours' train ride from Tokyo, more rustic with a lot of great scenery. Sakura blooms later in the Tohoku because of the colder weather up north, so you may get to see a lot more blooms than if you remained in Tokyo or further south. If you are interested in samurai history, Kakunodate in Akita has a well-preserved samurai quarter that's worth a day's exploration.