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where to start....eeek

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1. Posted by jimmmychoo (Budding Member 25 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

yikes........the options are huge....
im a libra and i dont know where to start...where to go...what to see...what to do...
ahhhhhh but im doing it!!!
time is on my side, one year doesnt have to be one year... but please if anyone has done it, please give me a little kick start for my planning, cos im so excited about planning. but would love some input first.

i know its a silly question, but i honestly dont know where to start....!
im def doing states, europe and asia.

cheers for now xx

2. Posted by jen23 (Full Member 73 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

ok. Well lets start with asking, what you want to do or see?

1 Is there a particular country you have an interest in? want to see? Any sights?
2 Do you want to be at a certain spot (i.e Rio's carnival, New years eve in Sydney, Chinese new year, Berlin Festival?)
3 How much money do you have?
4 Do you mind certain weathers (do you want to avoid rainy season in asia, or follow the sun, see winter snow in nyc?)
5 Do you have friends or contacts that would let you stay?
6 How involved do you want to be in each place? Sightsee or get to know the culture and stay for a while?

check out different books. I used Rough Guides "first time around the world" book. It helps you decide the same questions your asking now & gives ideas on how to achieve this big task!
Also reading up on different countries gives you passion to see places you never thought about seeing.

Dependant on your age, check out different travel web sites, you can get discount if under 26, or arrange for a rtw ticket, depending on how many stops/continents you go to.
Also do a search on these forums. These questions have been asked a million times before, so there will probably be help a click away.

enjoy yourself!!! Planning is fun!! May your dreams come true.

3. Posted by rasberries (Inactive 154 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


are you in nairobi? Can always head over to bangkok via new dehli or addis ababa. then make your way to cambodia and back and then down to kuala lumpur. from there you can fly to australia.
from australia fly to chile/peru or us and do a stop over in new zealand. there are good seat sales from peru and brazil to the states and can look into stopping over maybe in costa rica or something... if you fly into california you can bus down to vancouver and then take via rail across canada and from toronto you can fly to london direct and do europe..

thats just an idea.

4. Posted by jimmmychoo (Budding Member 25 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

wow sounds great guys, rasberries thanks for the travel itinery idea. great plan. yeh im in nairobi...probably head to england first though and take it from there..cant go direct to USA from here.think i'll satrt there....or europe...ah man decisions decisions....
jen thank u for your've helped clear my head a bit and get the general plan first!
fantastic im going to buy that book a.s.a.p have you done the trip? where did you go? and which places do you highly recommend? i'd be more into the countryside and the natural scenery then buildings etc..
i really want to do all this in my own the big question.......... a RTW ticket or pay as you go??

what do you think?

thanks a ton x

5. Posted by jen23 (Full Member 73 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I leave for my trip early Sept. Related well to "where do you start to plan" problem. That book helped me so much. Definately recommend it, and the man who wrote it has a good sense of humour. It also has extracts from different travellers who give imput on their experiences.
I'm going to Asia, Oz, NZ, FIji and USA. Money is tight for me, only taking about £4.5K - luckily I have friends in various countries. I'm not working, but volunteering for my friends hopsital in Cambodia (that'll be an awesome experience & a wake-up call i imagine!) Would've like to go South America, but will leave that for another trip!
My flight cost me £1200. inc taxes & stuff. I never really looked into pay-as-you-go but sounds a lot more expensive!!! Went with STA Travel (they have good deals for people under 26 yrs or students)

Good luck!!!