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So, as i have posted previously, im backpacking central/south america.
i am wondering what your thoughts are on Colombia and Panama?
I have heard many horror stories about Colomiba/panama, but i do not want to miss out on the culture, but i do not want to be put in danger, or end up dead, since i am travelling solo.
How safe is Colombia, and how long would you recomend going there for, and where to avoid and what not?
Also, who all has gone, and what was it like?
thanks a ton!

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Sent you a private message.

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I have travelled several times Panama,alone and had never problems,not even in the Darien Jungle.
If you go there you have to visit the Kuna Indios,Kuna Yala(San Blas Islands)at the Carribean Side,at the Pacific Side are also many Islands to visit.
I know from Colombia only Cartagena,and I was for 1 Stopover in Bogota.If you go there,you have to visit the Goldmuseum!

You have to fly from Panama to Colombia,because of the Darien Gap,
there is no Road,but danger because of the guerilleros and Narcotraficantes.
be carefull,also in Panama City,but very,very carefull in Colon!!
not only at night!

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have a look here: