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I am planing to visit australia for about a year and my flight goes on 18th. August this year(2006). I need to apply for a bank account and a tax file number - I have allready a (working holiday) visa but I first really need to apply for a Post Box/Mail holding Service to get a adress for those other needs.

I searched for such a service but I only found "Travellers Contact Point" where the Mail holding Service is availible but only for UK`s.
And I am from Germany...

Maybe someone here, who could help me? I dont know where to apply for such a service.


ps: Sorry for mistakes!

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I used TCP's mail holding/forwarding service, they are good for that and other things as well (job & accommodation boards, travel agency, temp agency etc).

You can use their services being German, you just need to sort it out through TCP in London. On their website, there is an application form which you can complete and fax to them, including your credit card details - AU$50 for the year (approx €30).

The form is on this page of the TCP UK website.

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Thank you for the answer.

But This service is only availible in Syd, Cains, Townsville, Adelaide, Melb, Perth and Darwin but not for Brisbane, where I will arrive :(

Dont you know any other Organisation which offers this service?

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Best thing to do is appply for the bank account just after you arrive in the country. All you need is your passport with your visa in it. It is so easy to open an account over here as an international traveller once you have a visa and do it within 3 months of arriving.

I applied for my TFN on line once I got here and it took around 10 days. You need an address for them to send the number to so maybe you can use a friends or hostels? check out www.ato.gov.au to get the TFN page online.

Have fun!

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Not too sure if this helps, but we used to get people to post things to the main post office in wherever we were heading (say two weeks later). You then, once you've arrived in the town, just go and pick up your mail once you show some Photo Id. We did this with personal mail and also legal mail (Car Registration documents etc.) Not sure if it works with Bank accounts, but your TFN can be sent there.

Sorry can't be of more help


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What Taffski said. The mail has to be addressed to "Poste Restante", and you can find addresses of the post offices at the australia post website.
For the bank, what I did was use the address of my hostel to have my debit card sent to, and after that tell the bank to change the frequency of my bank statements to one a year (the system apparently doesn't allow them to not send bank statements, but if you have them sent once a year, you can cancel the account when the year is up and simply not get any statements sent out). Meanwhile if you need a bank statement for anything, you can walk into any bank office and request an "interim statement" for free.

(Unfortunately you can't get a P.O. Box without having an Australian residential address. Really stupid and annoying, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn't find any way around that restriction.)

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