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Hi all I am a newcomer to this site so hope you can give me some good advise.

ok I am planning to travel to Brisbane in Oz from London about October time to visit family, I am travelling with my mother and we are both quite tall, almost 6ft, my dilemma is which airline do I choose as there are so many, legroom would be top priority really and also best entertainment for that ever so loooooooooong flight that we are about to embark on, therefore any advise would be greatly appreciated especially regarding the legroom?

Also do these airlines offer free stopovers, and how many, as 24hrs is a loooooong time as you can imagine and what happens concerning luggage, do you lug it all off and on again, can anyone advice me please?

The reason for this thread is we first went over to Brisbane 14 years ago with british airways, which was a bad experience as we were cramped all the way:( with just a stop to get off and stretch or legs, which was greatly received also the entertainment was a big screen at the front,where you had to virtually crane your neck as to miss all the heads in front:(, so thats obviously why I am posting this thread and also I want to make it really comfortable for my mother as she is quite old now.


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Hi Samantha

I have a website which you can check out which you can compare and contrast airlines and their services and read other peoples opinions its I hope this is of use to you.

Some airlines will have an economy plus (BA world traveller plus) and l think Air New Zealand have one also. Not quite business class but more comfortable than Economy.

I personally found the service and class of Singapore airlines to be excellent and as far as l am aware you can do a stop over in Singapore. Others should do stop overs also - Thai - Bangkok, Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong etc etc. What l would recommend is checking out individual airline web pages and seeing what is on offer.

Hope this is of some use.


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I agree with Purdy, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airline are very comfortable and roomy and asian hospitality is great. Our local airline Qantas is also quite roomy and you can fly via Singapore as well, the hostesses are not a friendly though. I think there are some good deals from UK on Qantas's site as they have travel packages which include travel inside Australia at discounted prices. Check the type of plane, the web is wonderful for this, as there is a difference in seat spacing between models.

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One thing about flying from UK to Australia with Quantas is that you could very likely get a code share with BA and end up on the carrier that you have bad memories of! I flew with supposedly Quantas to Bangkok and it was a BA plane which was stopping off in Bangkok and then travelling on to Sydney after changing staff and refueling etc. But when you book you should be told if it is a code share.

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has a break down of every airlines planes. so get some flight options and you can see the seat maps and breakdowns.

i'm tall to.. about 5'10" and if possible the major carriers like lufthanza, BA, AC, NZ etc have more leg room then smaller domestic lines, but thats just me..