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I am a British research student currently carrying out some work on the popular tourist trade in Cuba today.

I am following up a previous post examining why people choose to visit Cuba. Having already gathered some responses, I would appreciate it if I could generate a few more for my studies.

I understand that Cuba appeals mainly to Canadians and Western Europeans, so what is your location?

So why do people choose to visit Cuba? Do any of the following factors stand out for you:
- climate
- culture
- the political regime in place currently
- 'traditional' holiday factors (sun, sea, sand etc.)
- any other key factors?

Are there any crucial aspects that particularly appeal to you about Cuba, such as the food, music, sport, the Cuban people or the price of the holiday itself?

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Of course, all responses will be kept anonymous in my study.

Thankyou in advance,


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I thought i would send you a message to see if i could be of any help to your research project re Cuba and why people visit.

I went to Cuba this year for 2 weeks in March for my best friend's wedding. I had heard quite a lot about the country anyway as my parents went there 2 years earlier.

I loved the country from the moment we got there, the people, the relaxed way of life, the buildings, the food, everything.

I made friends with a few of the locals and was lucky enough to be invited out into the town and to their houses also, which was a great difference from the luxury all inclusive hotel where we were staying. I like to experience culture when i am away so felt a bit imprisoned in paradise in the hotel but when i got out and about with the locals it was fabulous, the salsa, the rum, the weather,everything!!

I would desperately love to go out there again.

If you would like any more information let me know


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cuba is an amazing country and is like no other. i was in cuba for over three months living with a cuban family and i fell in love with everything about cuba. perhaps i'm not like a typical tourist who goes there as i was fully integrated with the community i was in but what draws me to cuba is the people and their mentalities. cuba is so poor and yet people there are genuinly happy....it's amazing. when i came back to canada i saw Canadians who have everything and anything and yet they are so depressed. Cubans love life and live it to the fullest. In Cuba if you are mad then you are truely mad, if you are in love then you are in love 100%. I'm drawn to the richness of both the culture and people in cuba! viva cuba!

4. Posted by numero1 (Respected Member 295 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

The people, the places, the culture, the beaches, the lifestyle, the mystery.

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mojitos mojitos mojhitos

I drove round Cuba last year for two weeks. we decided to go to Cuba because it was such a unique place with a really different and interesting history.

the beaches were a pretty good draw as well......

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I plan to visit Cuba at the beginning of next year. It locates in the Caribbean; Hemingway spent over 20 years there and called it his second home country; it still maintains the Socialism system which is quickly fading in my own country. All those attract me, and all the posts here make me desire for seeing and feeling it more!

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Did I mention the Cuba Libres and the the Pina Coladas mixed up fresh while you wait at a lookout point near a massive bridge (I forget what it is called) on the highway between Havana and Varadero. That is the best Pina Colada anywhere on the planet and the taste melts in your mouth.

And of course the fresh cooked fish and chips with salad that you eat under the Havana Club Marquee on Santa Maria Beach just a 25 minute drive out of Havana.

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Many things about Cuba, and all of them are good! Apart from the general ones (weather, food, people..)

My favourites (for research puposes) are

- Music and dance culture

- The history of the country and how it has influenced in what it is today.

- The socialist system, which for someone like me, whose never been in contact with it before, it is so different!

- The rum (being a rum-drinker-only that is a very important factor!)

- And last but not least, it is probably the only country in the world that if you have are unlucky enough to have a flat tire whilst driving under a tropical storm, you will find a couple of policemen willing to help you change it and not even accept a tip for it... amazing!

Love it!

Hope it helps :)

x x Miromar x x

9. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5672 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I visited Cuba during the last Christmas/New Year for 3 weeks. Several days in Havana, several weeks carhire and a few days of sun at the end.

What attracts me the most is the "Caribbean Communism". I am also attracted to other communist countries (like North Korea), maybe because I have never visited communist countries during the Cold War and now want to visit the countries that are.

Of course, the climate, the people, the cigars, rum and music add a lot, but that's not the key factor, considering the fact that (part from the cigars) other Caribbean destinations have that as well.

It's more the feeling of being in a 'theatre', or a 'time bomb' that attracts me. In combination with places like Havana and Trinidad (colonial style), Santiago (caranval), Baracoa (banana replic feeling) and Vinales (great landscape) that's one of the greatest places to go for me.