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My boyfriend and i are travelling to Sydney in March then heading up to Cairns in April after that we are going to be in Melbourne for a month in May. Can anyway tell me what the weather is like in Melbourne in May, i have heard it can be quite cold???xx

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Melbourne has its own weather system! Four seasons in one day. So it could be cold, it could be wet, it could be mild!

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On average, the May I spent in Melbourne was still quite nice. During the day it's always warm enough (well, except for those days where you're being pelted by stormwinds and hail), it's the nights which can get absolutely freezing.

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this is the final month of Autumn before heading into winter so it can be slightly cold and wet but at times still quite warm. Personally i think this is a good time to visit Melb

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Melbourne weather is notoriously unpredictable. In May we generally experience crisp cold nights (typically down to about 4degC), and clear sunny mild days (that may reach anywhere from 16 to 25 deg C).
I spent a summer in London (2000) that was much colder and wetter than a typical Melbourne winter, so as long as you have a range of clothes, and can layer up or down as the temperature changes though-out the day, you find it too extreme.
In the past it could be quite wet in May, but we have been experiencing a severe drought in Melbourne, and the last few winters rainfalls have been well below average. Some people are predicting that the drought may break in March 2007,

The wind can get quite strong in Melbourne, so in case of rain, a waterproof jacket with hood is more practical than stuggling with and umbrella.