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1. Posted by rix (Budding Member 13 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone :)

My friend and I, both 21 f, are planning our trip to europe.
We narrowed it down to Italy, France, Spain and maybe Holland, around August/September.

I'd be greatful if someone would help me with these questions:
1) Hostels - during that period (Aug/Sep), will we be able to find rooms as we go along, or should we book them in advance?

2) We're planning on travelling by train (europass). Should we take into account other forms of transportation? Or actually, HOW MUCH should we be expecting to add to our "travel fees"?

3) Any "musts" in those four countries? Sites that shouldn't be missed?

Thanks alot,

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Hi Rix

first u are travelin in the high season into the low season.
I can tell you the best hostels (the most central) will be booked almost always. Especially in the areas you are goin.

For example - the flying pig in Amsterdam will be booked all the time.
u can try showing up and get lucky but doubt it in August..september - maybe.

Others will tell you u can ALWAYS get a room somewhere..true... but u maybe outside the city center and near the not-so-desierable areas. So to enjoy your trip plan and book ahead. use the web - and email ahead - it has worked for me for years quite well.

europass. - Never done it always take point-point trains. buses are sometimes cheaper. so i cant advise one way or the other.
travelin is quite expensive in the countries u are goin to. so plan accordingly.

In Spain - I loved the Alcazar in Seville. Paris Ofocurse is great.
Italy never been but il be there in in Aug/sept for a month.

have fun.

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Hey Rix,

I'm with Jeff on the Alcazar in Seville - it was a highlight of our trip to Spain last year. In fact, the whole southern region is very interesting. The Alahambra in Granada gets mentioned as a top attraction in Spain (we didn't quite make it!!). Also in Spain, you definitely need to visit the Sagrada Familia cathedral under construction in Barcelona. Truly an amazing site - hopefully they'll finish it while I'm alive, I think I'd go back to see it again then :)

I've only been to Rome in Italy (heard it gets stiflingly hot in August though - same with Spain, which was even terribly hot in June last year). There are possibly some cooler areas that may be better for an August visit -- the alps were suggested in a recent thread on the topic. Rome does have some amazing sites though and the people there are tremendously friendly to travellers from my limited experience.

If you plan to travel from Italy to Spain and then France via Eurrail, you should calculate the time carefully, because they are quite long distances. Also, consider that if you want to reserve seats or sleepers, you will have to pay an additional fee for that also (and in August you probably should!!) Often a budget flight can work out better financially and will also save you from spending too much time on transport.

Cheers, Peter

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hi , there

i have been to Garnada and Corduba.. beautiful esp: garnada.
but Madrid also has many thing to offers. one of the top EU capital.

Aug/Sept are high turist session espacially in Spain .. i guess you can find something in Madrid but for savilla and Garnada you have to book early ..

apart from typical places there are some other good cities ... Murcia , Alicante nice n clam place offers good beaches..

i am in madird and i guess i will be i in spain by that time if you wish to contact me for anyhelp let me know.

take care


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