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My friend and I are planning on traveling to Spain next August for two weeks. There are 3 main places we want to visit, so we can meet some friends that attended my college for a little while, and they are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. We plan on staying in hostels and maybe traveling by train. I would rather travel by train so I could experience more of Spain's countryside, but if it is significantly more expensive than flying, we'll fly. Do you have any advice on this? Also, since we are traveling in basically a triangle, where should we start, then travel to second, and then finish our trip where? For example, would it be less expensive to start at Madrid, then to Valencia, and finish in Barcelona or start in Madrid, then Barcelona, and finish in Valencia? I am from Pennsylvania, so I have a few options that are near where I can fly out of. Where would the cheapest option be near my area and would it be better to fly straight to Madrid or to say somewhere like London then to Madrid? If you have any recommendations on what hostels to stay in, places to visit in those cities or along the way, and things to do would greatly be appreciated. I am planning on saving about $2000 USD for this trip(that includes airfare cost); would this be sufficient funds and could I survive on less?

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hi there
Ill warn you - be prepared for the worst heat you have ever felt, atleast in Pennsylvania. August is the holiday month in Spain too so all Spaniards will be on the coast - Valenicia and Barcelona will be busy. Madrid maybe not so much. in Madrid, try the Los Amigos Hostel near the Opera stop - was quite nice there.

you should look at Flyin to London, always the chepaest option from the states, then check on Ryan air/easyjet. options to Spain.

2000 USD will be plenty for Spain - two weeks...just look for cheap airfares as well and book early.

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I've heard that Spain gets very hot in the summer, but how hot are we talking about? I've been to some very hot places, like Las Vegas was 117 F when I was there last summer. Is it comparitive to that? Thanks for the reply

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How hot? I was in Madrid in early August a few years ago and the time/temp clock on calle Alcala said 42C. I did not doubt it at all. There were very few people on the street. Barcelona may get hot but not the oppressive heat as in Madrid. The residents of Barcelona have the benefit of escaping to the nearby beach towns of Girona, Sitges, Tarragona in August.


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