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Well, I dont quite know where to post this thread as it covers Asia and Europe, so sorry if in wrong place but need advice if anone can help me?

As the title says I am planning with a friend to travel from Malaysia to UK by car overland.

Has anyone actually attempted this route via car? if so, did you have any problems at any boarders you crossed, if so which ones and why?

We are both from the UK and hold British Passports, but have been living and working in Thailand for the last 3 years.

We now feel we’ve had enough of Thailand and want to drive back home
rather than fly to enable us to travel Asia. (We both have the travel bug and have traveled overland most of Europe from the UK)

The route we will take will be roughly as follows:

Start in: Malaysia - this is probably where the Landrover will be
brought, as we are planning to sell the car we have now in Thailand and buy a Landrover in Malaysia rather than Thailand (probably a 110/90 defender LW base or similar – the simpler the better - the less electric gadgets and gismos on it is the way to go I feel!) We assume that the MOT, Service etc in Malaysia will be more thorough than in Thailand.




Northern Thailand



China - I am assuming the countries listed above we will have no problem in driving through with a vehicle from Malaysia as long as we have ourinternational driving license and insurance & visas etc. Would I be wrong in assuming this do you know?


Russia - From here onwards, I am concerned about the logistics of
bringing a car form Malaysia (i.e. a car that was brought outside Europe into Europe) to the rest of the countries below.






Do you think it is best to get ‘official’ letters of permission from each country you are entering into to hand over at each boarder? I am mostly concerned about the China & Russia boarders.

Car insurance is another issue, green flag in Europe I know but for the rest?!

Well, as you can establish, we are very much in the research stages at the moment and it may work out that this is an unrealistic feat, but any help / information you can give us at all we would be most grateful.

Thank you

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Sounds like a great trip, I'd like to do it. Anyway, I've driven and crossed some borders without problems, like Poland-Ukraine, etc.. Sometimes the queues can be quite long. Anyway, the one country I think you may have problems with is crossing the borders into & out of Myanmar. You also would want to make sure you have extra fuel as it's not so easy to find everywhere in the remote areas of Myanmar. Last time I checked it wasn't allowed to cross many of the Myanmar borders by land. You'd better reserach this. Let me know what you find out about available land crossings to/form Myanmar (for foriegners). Good luck, sounds like a great trip! How long will this road trip take?

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We are also intending to do a similar trip starting May 07.
You may be interested in joining a convoy with us ,at least through China, thus sharing the costs of a guide. If you are interested then e-mail me- -snip

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I've researched allot about this and met any number of people that have done it, so feel free to message me off board or email me if you want to know more.

In brief:


There isn't any legal way for foreigenrs to cross through Myanmar by land. The only way to Yangoon, for example, from outside the country is to fly in.

China -

With the exception of Beijing and Shanghai (within city limits) plus Hong Kong and Macau, non Chinese nationals - and this includes residents - are NOT allowed to drive in China. Mopeds and some Motorcycles are Ok, but at present they are forboidden from driving, officially for their own safety. You normally have to hire a driver for this section. Occassionally (very) you will be allowed to drive through with a local poerson either escorting you or guiding you, but you need governments permits and they are NOT easy to get.

Much of China now has billingual signage and this is expanding greatly, whilst the amount and standrads of roads are rising all the time, and it is expected that in the near-ish future (before Beijing olympics) this restriction will be lifted at least in part, if not entirely, but at the present, it's essentially impossible to do it just by turning up.

I am concerned about the logistics of bringing a car form Malaysia (i.e. a car that was brought outside Europe into Europe) to the rest of the countries below.

Russia is actually quite easy, although you need to have all the paperwork, expect a very thorough going over and long delays

In Europe (and, in fact, many countries around the world), there are rules about importation, due to fears of dumping/selling on the car. Look at information about Whether you will be allowed in, and under what terms varies from country to country. Although not on your list, Egypt, for example, requires a Carnet of 3times the official value of the vehicle in order for you to enter