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Hi all, great forum here!

Me and a few buddies are planning a trip to Thailand as a Graduation gift to ourselves and would really appriciate a hand from those who have done it before.

This is the itinerary so far as planned:

Nov 14

- Leave New Zealand for Bangkok

Nov 15

- Explore Bangkok

Nov 16

- Start Interpid Journey Tour (15 day tour of Northern Thailand)

Dec 1 - 2

- Explore Bangkok

Dec 3

- Leave Bangkok for either Koh Samui or Koh Phangan

Dec 4

- Explore Island

Dec 5

- Full moon party

Dec 6 - 13

- Dive / Snorkle and other island activities

Dec 14

- Fly back to Bangkok

Dec 15

- Fly Bangkok - New Zealand

How does that look?

Basically for the southern beach part of our trip from Dec 3 - Dec 14 we want to get as many opportunites to Dive/Snorkle/Fish and other such activities as possible. I was origionally thinking we should just do this over on the east in the Koh Samui area and neighbouring islands so we don't waste days travilling, but recently thought perhaps we should travel from Koh Samui to Krabi and Phuket and spend a few days there. Would it be worth it? Or should we just spend as much time as possible enjoying the east side?

My other main question is regarding the weather at that time of year. Everywhere I go I keep getting conflicting information. From a diving and a general mucking around on the beach persepective what will the whether be like around Koh Samui at that time of year?

Thanks very much for all your help!

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Be very careful about overstaying your 30-day visa. Even a single day over the limit will make you eligible for an overstay and you'll have to pay a fine at the airport.

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[quote=bleat]Hi all, great forum here!

Nov 14

- Leave New Zealand for Bangkok

Nov 15

- Explore Bangkok

Nov 16

- Start Interpid Journey Tour (15 day tour of Northern Thailand)

What day and what time do you get to Bangkok? Not sure if you arrive on the 14th or on the 15th. By the time you arrive your plane may be landing at the new airport.

Don't arrive in Bangkok one day and then leave early the following morning. Plan on staying a night or two in the city so you can catch up with your sleep and the time changes. Staying a couple nights will allow you to get a little used to the city and you can also check out some of the flights and tours available in the many travel agencies all over Bangkok.

Besides flying everywhere, you can also take an overnight train to Chiangmai and save another night in a hotel. There are also air-conditioned busses that can take you up north too! (Caution- don't leave any valuables in the checked in bag on planes, trains or busses, keep your valuables with you at your seat. Also, keep your valuables in the safe deposit box at your hotel.)

Your opportunities to dive and snorkel will be a little more limited for the 15 days you spend up north.

There was some reports of flooding in the Chiangmai area, usually happens every year in the in the lower areas. They usually recover pretty fast. The following are some local newspapers if you want to check out some of local activities.

(I enclosed Pattaya because it is a fun city and cheap, and you guys are young.)

You don't mention if you are really, really young and just graduated from High School or "only" young and graduated from university. Don't drink too much and get into trouble or the Thai police will put you in the "monkey house" (jail.)

You must have an unlimited budget there were no questions about "cheap" hostels or budget travel.

Good luck.

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Cheers for your reply.

We're graduating from Uni, so all are 21/22. The second half is our diving holiday the first half on the tour is really just to get around and get a feel for the culture etc.

The first two weeks on the tour are pretty much set so most of my concerns are really about the 2 weeks down south.

I brought the lonely planet Thailand book which has heaps of seemingly useful info, but would really appriciate additional opinion.

We can't decide if we should take a break from the Koh Samui area and head across to visit Krabi and Phuket. Really I just want to be sure that the Koh Samui area will keep us all entertained for two weeks or we would be really dissapointed we missed out on Krabi and Phuket.

Would it be worth making the effort to get over to the Krabie and Phuket and sacrificing a few days in Koh Samui? Is the whether good on both sides during December or better on one in particular?


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Hey there,

I just got back last week from travelling SE Asia after graduating uni - so here's my 2 cents. Koh Samui has it's good points, but I would suggest you split the time because the west coast is really wonderful. Check out Hat Railay (20 minutes by boat) from the Krabi peir for some amazing rock climbing, caving, kyaking, snorkling. It's really an active place (and one of my favourites). Then do a bit of island hoping around the area.

Phuket is overpriced and very touristy, we got out of there pretty quick - but if you spend a day, go to the Patong area. Great Markets and interesting night life...

Have fun at the Full Moon Party - wear clothes you don't mind staining with body paint. ; )