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21. Posted by Sohy (Budding Member 15 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

yeh, I know. Thats why I cant decide. I wont have time to travel again for a while (not for this length of time anyway). Will my trip me feasable if I do two internal flights to and from pategonia (sorry, but can you please tell me if that would make any difference in my plans feasibility). I dont think Huaraz would be anywhere near as spectacular as patagonia, would i be wrong? So I am thinking that it might be more worthwhile to skip northern chile than to miss out on patagonia?
Also is the titicana lake and surrounding cities and floating isles really worth seeing?

any thoughts?


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22. Posted by bentivogli (Respected Member 2398 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

There's no comparing Patagonia, which is flat, to Huaraz, which is a mountain range. Personally I like the southern Andes better, but Huaraz is more challenging I heard if you're into that. The Uyuni-Atacama region is a different story altogether. We're talking three very distinct regions in SA; what you would need to keep in mind, is that Patagonia takes much time not only because it's so far, but also because there's so much to do. PN Torres del Paine, for instance, would take little short of a week (transportation included), PN Tierra del Fuego would be about the same. There's no point in going all the way down there, unless you have enough time to go out in the wild.

In my opinion, the internal flights you mention wouldn't increase feasibility enough for it to justify the extent to which you'd pollute the environment; transfers still take a lot of time, and most routes have nightly bus service as well, which is very comfortable.

But all in all, I'd say Susanna is just right; skip Patagonia for now, it will still be there in a few years time if we all reduce our flying.


23. Posted by Sohy (Budding Member 15 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I have been reading that december/jan is a terrible time to be going to peru and bolivia, and buenos aires for that matter. Is that true?
How bad is the rain peru and bolivia, I heard that more likley than not I wont even be able to see machu pichu when i get there cause of the fog, and probably wont be able to go for a ride down death road.
And apparently, there is little night life in buenos aires at this time because every one is on holidays. Is this all true?

Thanks in advance for the responses.

24. Posted by bentivogli (Respected Member 2398 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Haven't been there in jan/feb, but I cannot imagine what would make Peru/Bolivia terrible in those months. BsAs ís swelteringly hot in jan, but I still liked it, even though you had to change clothes 3 times a day :). Nightlife in BsAs is only down during Xmas and NY, after that it goes back to normal surprisingly soon.

25. Posted by agnez (Full Member 19 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Just beeen there in August.
One of the top emotion of our 22 days on the Andean region between Chile and Peru.
We did the San Pedro de Tacama/Uyuni tour of 3 days with Colque Tour, a bolivian tour operator with an office in San Pedro, another one in Uyuni and one in La Paz.

We strongly suggest Colque Tour: it's true that most agencies do the same road, same stops, same food, but almost all the agencies use Colque cars.

The three days package (all inclusive, car&food&sleep) on a shared car (6 persons on a Toyota 4WD, this one:

costs 150USD for 2 persons.

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