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1. Posted by Snrfmaster (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I have a record here in the UK (sentenced to two years for ecstasy trafficking, served 8 months) will I be stopped from entering the USA? I've heard I will but I doubt they have access to the criminal records of everyone in the UK surely?
Does anyone know anybody who has been stopped as they enter the US or know what will happen to me if I try?


2. Posted by rasberries (Inactive 154 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

yea check the govnt website or call the uk consulate in washington or just call your passport office..

chances are the us will ask about it. i duno if they'll deny you entry. depends on what your doign in the country.

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Check out this thread, which contains my combined knowledge on the subject. Criminal record and travel to the USA. Officially and legally, you should get a travel waiver to allow you travel to the USA, and will be required to get a visa (you won't be eligible for the VISA WAIVER PROGRAM).

Unofficially, they might not check, so you might be allowed in. I know of someone who had been going to the USA for 20 years, and suddenly one day recently they denied him entry because of a drug conviction 20 years in the past!

I don't know about the UK, but I know that Canada and the US share conviction information. I wouldn't make the assumption that they won't know about any convictions in the UK. Law enforcement is a global game knowadays, they share a lot of information.

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I asked a couple of my friends that work in customs this question...they said you would be denied entry...any trafficing/dealing is an automatic no. One of them said you may get in under the radar if it has not been entered into the system...but he didn't think it was likely.