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RTW ticket advice required!

Travel Forums Round the World Travel RTW ticket advice required!

1. Posted by robandem (Full Member 3 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,

Firstly what a fantastic website. Just planning my first trip around the world (or atleast some of it) and this is such a helpfull website.

I have quit my job an leaving to go off for only 6 months around the world. The main area I want to be and see is the carnival in Brazil at the end of feb. All the other details are unknown.

If anyone has any advice I would love your thoughts on great places that are a must see and also possible (only 6 mths remember) itinery for the trip.

India or Thailand area or should malaysia be the start, aus or nz, what about cook islands or easter island, is the inca trial a must or a miss?, patagonia or what about central america?

As you can see I am a little lost and findiing it difficult to make decisions. Would like to start somewhere to chill for a week or so and also to end somewhere hot for 2 weeks before returning at the end april/early May.

Thanks to everyone who will reply.

2. Posted by sunraybret (Full Member 27 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

This site shows you all the options from the airline alliances. It is also worth looking at the section title airpasses. These allow you to make economical flights inside a region (asia, europe, usa etc). It is worth spending a bit of extra time looking in to the rules of each of the fares. You can save a considerable amount by knowing the rules when you see your travel agent. They can, but do not unless coersed, squeeze you in to a lower price package by changing routing. I leave on my third planned RTW at the end of the year and managed to squeeze 28870 miles out of a 29000 mile fare. It is too easy for an agent to just bump you up to the next fare.

As far as places to see it depends on if you want relaxing places or clubbing, nature or tourist areas. Thailand offers all of the above, as Bangkok, Phuket and Chaing Mai are three worlds in one country. It is also a very ecconomical place to eat and sleep. From what I have seen on the internet, if you want to see the Inca trail do it now before it becomes even more touristy and looses its natural beauty.

Being an Australian I must recommend our country and NZ. If you are in South America in Feb then the weather here is better in March/April no +40C days by then.

If you were planning that route then One World has London- Santiargo-Auckland-(Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane)-Singapore-Bangkok-London as a standard flight hubs route. From those hubs you may use alliance carriers to visit other areas or use airpasses to travel for a bit extra. Hope this adds a bit of insight.