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To bring or not to bring....DSLR Camera to Europe x2 months?

Travel Forums Travel Photography To bring or not to bring....DSLR Camera to Europe x2 months?

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21. Posted by sumthinswt (Budding Member 26 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Anzxio - Great minds think alike! I am in the process of closing in on a deal for a used 50mm f/1.4 and will definately bring that. I am also tempted to pick up a cheap 18-55mm kit lens to get the wider range....but now I'll be carrying a bag of 3 lenses....hmm...along with my gimoungous backpack when I'm travelling in between countries/cities/ prob not. =P

As for memory..I will probably bring at least 5 GB's worth of CF cards. Any chance I get, I will burn my pictures to DVD as backup and so I have a fresh card to go on. I was also thinking..if it works in dump the files into the hardrive of my 30GB Ipod. Know if that would be a problem? I've used it to dump other files on, when my desktop ran out of mem.

22. Posted by Anzxio (Budding Member 69 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Now if you can afford a 50mm 1.4 then you can afford something better than the kit lens! The iPod idea is probably a good one, though personlly i'd probably take a laptop with me. I'm going to be so weighed down when (if) i go on my travels!

23. Posted by September (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

To answer your question about uploading/burning pix to a disc or uploading them to your Ipod harddrive:
No problem at all in Western /Central Europe. Most internet cafes
are pretty well equipped and burning photos on a cd costs between 4-6 Euros per disc.

24. Posted by Kemal (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


sorry for my spelling...

Some things to bring on a "photo" trip

2-4 extra memorycard´s
2 extra battery`s for your camera, recargbl or acc
carger for 110-220v and even for 12v, cars and trucks
A real camerabag for the rug or across your chest...
I use KATA R103, in that you can store a Laptop and lot off stuff... if you whant. The bag incl. a raincower.
1 Portabl harddrive that you can transfer the pics to
insted of a computer, put in your CF/SD-card and press the
buttton and it´s done... only ab. 200gr to carry...
And 60GB
2 lenses is ok mabey 17-35mm and 70-200mm will be OK...
I even use a 50mm 1.4... street fotos and its compact.

And don`t forg your USB cable and manual for the camera.
Make copies of your reciept and mail them to your "Hotmail",
if the customs ask were you get your cam stuff. then its esey to get them...
Get to lern your new cam before you go on holiday...
up in the morning stay out late in the night and take a look at your pics "don`t take only one of the sunset" take 5-10. in diffr adjustments. GET TO LEARN IT BEFORe ITS TO LATE.

A Computer is nice if there is a rainy day and you like to see a movie in the dorm or hostel... But its heavy...

Use the LCD to wiew the pics and se if its ok...
But somethimes its nicer to do it when your home...

Don`t let all people know that you carry around a exlusive
cam equp. And sometimes ask if it`s ok to thake a PIC...

Just some things from me... and good luck out there

Any Q just ask me...


25. Posted by rama_h (Inactive 91 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey buddy,

I'm a travel-photo-taker-holic... For sure, anywhere I go, my camera goes with me! I usually bring my HP digicam everywhere, but seeing my friend bought a new Sony T30, I'm for sure going to get one soon... I'm suggesting you should problably get a powerful pocket digicam like the new Sony T30, especially if you don't want to worry about your gears... Other suggestion, get a Nokia N-series phone, they have a minimal of 2MP, for those emergency snapshots moments! Good luck buddy... If ever travel to Bali, let me know!