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hey all

i'm looking into to doing some worthwhile volunteer work over the next year either in Africa or Central america (i'm thinking maybe Costa Rica maybe?)

i've looked at a few volunteer agencies and sites and i'd like some advise if anyone has experience with volunteering? I don't want to appear tight but some agencies do charge quite a bit for volunteering with them does anyone know any companies where you can work for your food and accomodation?

any help would be great.


Tom :)

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You should look into WWOOFing. WWOOF stands for: World-Wide Offortunities on Organic Farms. Don't know if you're into the organic farming movement but it is a great organizeation (as far as I can see). This fall I will be doing my first WWOOFing in France and Ireland. But a friend of mine has done it in New Zealand and India. You will not always be volunteering just on organic farms; In India, my friend helped volunteer in a school where she was desperately needed. I had researched some opportunities in Africa as I have been to Uganda and was looking into a way back. Anyways, I remember seeing help needed in a school in Kenya. Also much of the work needed is with building construction (energy efficient in most cases) if you're into that. I think I paid 20-30 US dollars for a membership which gets you access to postings and contact information. From there you find a place you like and talk directly with the host. Stays can be a few weeks to months, this is usually negotiable. And you work for room and board.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


p.s. The website is www.wwoof.org

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Contact us at www.cindurma.org or www.volunteersouthamerica.net find a place to volunteer for no charge or fee, usually food, rent and expenses are paid by non profits and NGO's only to long term (3 months or more)placements and don't expect to find any volunteer agency that will pay your travel expenses to and from the site. You may message for more info.

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hi there,

i am currently volunteering in a small town called Kakamega in kenya. i am currently teaching in the school, the host people that i am staying with would more than welcome anyone who was interested in volunteering at the school for a long period. how long are u thinkin of volunteering (weeks or months?). i would be able to get their email/contact details for u if u were interested, it would cut out any "program fees" u would need to pay. basically u'd pay for ur airfare here and then accomodation per night (which is quite basic but comes with food :) let me know if u have any q's.


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Exciting New Project!

CINDURMA, a non profit organization based in Nicaragua now has it's own Coffee Farm. This project is much more
feasible to our needs and abilities. San Francisco Farm is located
in San Marcos, South of Managua, covering just 31 acres of lush shade
grown Coffee Trees. Complete with a home and relaxing swimming

message us for contact info!!!

Over the next few months we have plans for repairs and redevelopment
of the ranch. Our idea is this:

Creating a place for your group to come visit a safe fun place
while, doing your work for the people. We will be building small
bungalows for your stay and you will be free to enjoy the area.

Take advantage of our time trusted contacts to maximise your projects
productivity. No matter your religion or level of service, we are
happy to help you in any way. CINDURMA is a charity for the people
and we are not paid. Your help is needed and appreciated.

Again message to us for contact info.