how long will £1500 last?

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Those of you that have travelled in SE Asia, how long can £1500 last you out there if you're travelling on a serious budget (but enjoy the odd drink or two!)


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It all depends on whether you're travelling on your own, what type of accomadation you stay in, how you travel, whether you do a lot of site seeing, partake in activities such as diving & go out on big nights.

I spent about £2200 for 3 months in SE Asia & I stayed in mainly mid range accomadation $10-15, but that would be split with another person, it also included 5 internal flights, bus/train journeys & some boat trips. We would have beers most nights, but only a couple. If you eat local food you will save heaps!

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I'm happy to stay in big dorms in cheap hostels, eat local food and have the odd big night out but not all the time...

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I'm sure if you're careful you could make £1500 last you around 5 months. Again it depends where you are in SE Asia, Vietnam is mega cheap for everything, Thailand is generally quite cheap, but costs a lot more once you get to the islands. Laos & Cambodia is cheap too. Malaysia can be more expensive, especially for alchol as it is not so widely available, and is highly taxed due to it being a muslim country.

pm me if you need more details of costs in SE Asia.

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I think Laura gave some good advice. I spent about $500/month on my Feb-March trip and ate in restaurants. In VN you could easily live on $300/month if you eat where locals do and stay in dorms or low end rooms. You could stay in Sihanoukville Cambodia for about $300/month as well. Many rooms in the $5/nite and food is cheap. Thailand can be cheap if you stay in less touristy areas and eat with locals. Your 1,500 should last at least 6 months if you are careful and avoid the bars.

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Like everyone says it depends where you stay and how much you do
we are currently spending approx 500pound each a month so that would mean 1500 pound would last 3 months

we always have air con rooms and do a lot of travelling about and eating in good places...

cambodia, vietnam & Laos are the cheapest 3 places, thailand is dearer but malaysia is the most expensive...

personally i'd say cambodia/vietnam are the best value for money

i spent the least in laos as there was little to do apart from read a book..

spent the most in thailand with the shopping and learning to scuba dive...

currently in malaysia and i wouldnt say its value for money at all... its like being at home lol...

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If you intend to visit Malaysia , a rough guide / idea how much it will cost per day . This is refering to stays in Kuala Lumpur.

Accomodation range from RM 50 per night ( inns and motels)

You can get liqours and beer almost everywhere. It is widely available although we live in a muslim country. In stores , it about RM 7 per can. Price are higher if you are in a club/pub. Almost double.

Food - For less than rm 5 , you can get wholesome local food. This is refering to stall food.

Travelling - Travelling in KL is cheap. But with the heavy traffic and poor bus services in town , i highly suggest you opt for the train and commuters services which is also highly affordable.

if you need more info , you can always PM me :)
Happy Travelling!