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1. Posted by Katland (Budding Member 3 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,
has anyone got any advice about my visa? I have a one year working holiday visa and I have been out here for 10 weeks now but I am thinking of going home (feeling extremely homesick and also ran outta money completely!). I am thinking I will go home and come back out in January? Does anyone know if I can still use my current visa when I come back out in January? My visa expires on 31/05/07, so I am assuming that I can come back out next year until that date? Also, does anyone know if the same applies to my travel insurance? Will I still be able to use the same insurance when I come back out?

Also I would value some opinions: Do you think I should go home and come back out, or stick it out and not go home yet? The thing is, I only decided to come out here 7 weeks before I arrived, so I was hurriedly saving money and only brought out 2000 pounds with me, which didn't last very long!! I do currently have a job here in Sydney, but it's only for 3 more weeks and the money they pay travellers over here is pretty rubbish and soon as I pay out for my accommodation every week it's pretty much all gone! And I feel like I am just working a rubbish job for rubbish money for nothing really. I think I should go back home and save enough to be able to come out here and enjoy seeing Australia, because right now I'm just not earning enough to be able to go off travelling around Oz. But then I think, I'll have to pay for another flight which will be a good 600 pound or so, to come back out here.
I dunno, if anyone has any opinions please!! Oh also any opinions on travelling alone? I am currently travelling with my friend who has been out here since February but I think when I come back out next year I would prefer to travel on my own because being with someone 24/7 kinda drives you mad!!

Would appreciate any feedback.


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Hi Kat,
I am not sure if the Visa you have is multi-entry or not so I will direct you to the government department website that deals with Visa issues As you probably now know, Sydney is one of our most expensive cities to live in. Have you tried looking for other English contacts out here to make you miss home less? If you really must go home you may be able to change your ticket for a small fee (depending on the type of ticket). Only you know how much you want to go home, so you have three more weeks of work you may want to put out the call to other English travellers in you age group on this site and see what pans out. If you still feel homesick, you will not be enjoying your time down here as you could, so it may be wiser to visit home and come back next year when you can enjoy it.

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A WHM visa is multi-entry, and the terms of the visa run until the expiry date, meaning you need to leave Australia on or before the expiry date. It is possible to leave Australia, and then return within the validity of the WHM visa, and still be under the normal terms in regards to work etc. - however there is no extension to the visa for any time taken out for the country.

Is there anyone you can call on in the UK for some money to be sent over? Also, are there any 2nd jobs available - this is a very good time of year in Sydney for casual work for travellers. Check notice boards in all the usual places (e.g. youth hostels, Travellers Contact Point etc.) for other work.

Homesickness itself is a normal part of the experience - it does happen, but by itself is no reason to return home. The money issue by itself is different, but as I mentioned above there could be ways to deal with this. I had to live on my credit card for 2 months while on a working holiday in Australia - not fun when I returned home a few months later, but necessary at the time to stay, and I was at the beginning of a 3 month job then.

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It depends on the type of travel insurance you have really. If you have a single trip then once you have returned home it will most likely be void, but as for an annual policy that will run right until the last date, no matter where you are.
As for the home sickness, you could try sticking it out a little longer, but if you feel you just cant do it maybe it is best to go home. Personally, when i travel i always find the odd time when im homesick too, but its all part of the experience. There is always going to be a time when you're away from home when all you want is your own bed to sleep in, ive had it and when it happens to me i treat myself a little (nice,thick, Banana milkshake from MacDonalds usually does the trick for me) and once im out of my downer, im glad i didnt up and leave!
If you're finding it a pain in the....being with someone else 24/7 just try and spend a little bit of time away from them. Try going out on your own (means you HAVE to talk to new people or risk looking like a bit of a lemon)
Im going out to Oz myself in the a month, but im going to Perth. But you should try finding someother english people to talk to, it can really boost one's moral. Also, once people findout you're a traveller they are often more ready to speak to you because they want to give you a good impression of their country :)

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Hiya Kat,
Yes being Homesick is normal and understandable. Make sure you keep in regular touch with the folks at home and bounce your thoughts off them.

I would suggest staying if you can. Consider heading north on the fruit picking trail!. This will get you out of the big smoke and into other parts of Oz where you will meet other people, locals & travellers like yourself.

Start with Centrelink - who will direct you to seasonal work and properties that require temporary workers. The farmers do rely heavily on backpackers to get the fruit & vegetable crops in so cash in on that.

Consider going North first until about November/early December because when summer arrives it will be very hot & humid there. Start heading south to NSW, Victoria, SA and drop into Tassie too.

Try to stick it out if you can. But only you know your real situation.

Cheers and good luck - you will make the correct decision.;)