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i thought this topic was long forgotten..seems i was mistaken..

i must say, im suprised by your attitude towards australia seems slightly hostile considering the topic is, well, the weather. i live in melbourne and i certainly would not say the weather is 'over-rated' here, if anything we are constantly told how terrible melbourne's winters are. and if terrible means colder and wetter, then by northern australian standards it is. yet still, i have never seen snow in my area of australia, which seems to be a common experience in europe? i actually don't see how a description of weather can be over or uder rated...? its just that, a description, not a measure of worth, and i don't think anyone confuses the two.

one more thing, i do not personally know a single australian who thinks of themselves as "blonde and beachgoing". i agree with previous posts; i think youre confusing the externally imposed stereotype of australia with our own perceptions. that said, im sure many people in queensland actually are blonde and beachgoing and in turn this is part of their identity, but this can't be generalised to the whole country.

i just felt a duty to defend my stange. anyway, im done now :) i didn't mean to come across too if i did, its unintentional.

thanks everyone for all the posts. just to update - ive decided to go in the beginning of feb to beginning of april...or longer if i can save enough. i was happy to go in the midst of winter, but my boyfriend was concerned. so we decided to try and catch abit of spring. we're starting in paris but id also like to explore some other areas of france...any suggestions on which parts?


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A hilarious story of your Earls Court hotel! Well, maybe not so hilarious at 2am.

As for the Exhibition Court 3, I believe it's had a refurbishment in the past year, and as I said, I found the rooms really good. The in-room cooking facility was great. I got 40 pounds per night as I stayed for 4 nights, and I did a bit of bargaining with them. I had contacted them by email beforehand, and they were great.

I know the area well as I used to live further towards the river, in Barons Court.

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just for the fun of it, I'll post the link to the quite recent negative reviews on the hotel: OK so you negotiated the price, sounds like a good idea, I really want to go again, hopefully later this year, September or October.

Well, I think I'll just top that story about our hotel with the description of how we finally managed to get to London: we started off in Copenhagen on a Thursday afternoon, planned to arrive in London at about 5 in the afternoon. It was snow, a lot of snow for London, so we didn't get permission to land in Stansted, continued to East Midlands, stayed on the plane for same time before we were allowed to get off.... and into buses driving us to Stansted airport.

As I said it was a lot of snow, not to us, coming from Denmark, but England most definitely wasn't prepared for a bit of snowfall, so in a very short time all major roads were blocked. Not just with a bit of snow, but with cars that couldn't get any further, because nothing serious had been done to clear the roads. Well, our busdriver was fabulous, he managed to get us off the major roads, taking side roads so within no time - 8 hours LOL - we arrived in Stansted. 5 in the morning, no sleep for 24 hours.

Well, we took the train into London after I'd lost my credit card in a ticket machine, bad luck. Luckily we had a bit of money and our cell phones, so I called Denmark from our cell phone to "block" my credit card and at about 6:30 in the morning we finally got into London. Well, I had to wait a couple of hours for my bank to open in Denmark. Luckily it was a Friday, and the bank was open. It has a branch in London, so we had to go there to get some money, the rest of the week-end I had to carry a lot of cash, but at least we could get some cash, don't even want to think what would have happened had this been on a Saturday or Sunday... Well, in the meantime waiting for my bank to open, we decided to go to a market - was it Smithfield?? think so - after that we had a full English Breakfast and then at about 9.30 it was time for a beer!!!! A very long time ago since I've been drinking beer at that time of the day - if ever LOL but we really thought we deserved it and needed it. At about 3 that afternoon we finally arrived at the hotel, we were so tired we only went out for a drink, had a Chinese take-away which we smuggled into the nice hotel and fell asleep quite early that night. What a trip, one we'll never forget ;)

Damn I'm good at long posts, sorry about that :-)

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A good thread won't be forgotten just like that ;)

I haven't really done a lot of France, Paris 4-5 times and the Cote d'Azur many years ago. I have a friend who goes to Provence a couple of times a year and she just loves it, so that might be an option.

Hope you find out what you want to do, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you won't run into very bad weather. Let us all know how it works out.



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This is a bit of an old thread, but I'm just doing some research for a big trip, so I'm trawling through the forum!

Just thought I'd mention that it's not the cold that I find the big problem when travelling in European winter, it's the limited daylight hours. In Britain, you're in darkness by about 3.30pm which is not great for sightseeing, and makes for very long evenings, especially if you're travelling on the cheaps and don't want to spend too much money on restaurant dinners where you could sit for the evening. Make sure you head to the more southern countries close to the shortest day (around 22nd Dec?).

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I am from the netherlands and january and february are the coldest months of the year. temperatures are often around Oc-8c, but it can freeze -5C or more also.

The more south you go the warmer it should be but it won't be summer temperature there. Only in far south spain, Italy and Greece etc, temperatures are reasonable. I was januari 1 in Marseille southern France once and thought I could swim there in the mediterenean. To my surprise I had to wear gloves to protect against the freezing cold then...

In march/ april it starts to warm up in northern europe, while the far south has already pleasant temperarutes. In may it was very hot in Greece during my vacation there.