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Hi everyone!

Any ideas on when the best time to buy airfare to Honolulu from Sydney for this January would be? My fiance and I are living in Australia for the time being and our family from Canada is going to be visiting Hawaii, so we'd like to meet up with them. However, looking online, I see that airfare for the month of January is veryyyy expensive. I know January is high season in Hawaii, but should I really expect to pay between $1500 - $2000 return? Just wondering if anyone has any tips on when/how to buy the tickets. Thanks in advance!


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If you have an exact date in mind, you can take it to a travel agency and see what they can do for you. Since it is some time away, they have ways of securing a flight months in advance for discount prices. Travel agents work on commissions by the airlines they buy the ticket form, so be sure it is a good airline you like as well, such as Qantas. I also don't know how this site works for in advance, but virginblue is nice. It has a happy hour deal from noon till 1:00 every day and if you watch you may be able to find one to Honolulu for cheap.

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I live in Honolulu and have flown several times from Honolulu to Sydney. This year the airfare is much higher than I have seen it in the past. This year, my air fare choices ranged from $1800 on Air New Zealand (via Auckland), to $1600 via Qantas and $1000 on Hawaiian. I didn't check Canadian. The flight is 9 hours nonstop, leaving at just after noon, ariving in Sydney at about 7pm (local time). I would suggest checking Hawaiian airlines for the cheapest fair (I personally prefer Qantas or ANZ).

January really isn't the high season for Hawaii, it is the high season in Australia. January is the beginning of our rainy season.

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