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Hello All

I am planning a trip round the world. Doing it on a huge budget but I plan to work and travel in Auz for a year then travel the rest for 6 months.

The only problem is that everyone has advised me to go with STA Travel (Which is a good idea and also cheap) but they only do one year tickets. I plan to make the most of my years working visa and stay there for the whole year (Also travelling around Auz)then go on exploring different countries for 6 months after.

I just cant seem to decide what to do!!!
Shall I just get tickets to each country as i go or will that work out sooo much more money??? Im sure im not the only person that wants to travel for over a year so.... if there are people out there that know.... PLEASE get back to me and let me know how you did it because as you can tell im clueless! (First time traveller by the way)

Also im not sure if you have to have a outgoing flight ticket to enter Auz, does anyone know??? Ahhhhhh!!!!!!

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By the way when i say huge budget i mean im skint and have to work to be able to stay out there for as long as i plan to :-(

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What about getting a one-way ticket to Australia and then travel onward with a RTW ticket that starts in Oz? You would have to throw the last part to Oz at the end of the RTW away, though.

If you fly from Europe, an alternative would be a one-year return ticket with a company like Malaysian Airlines. You would use this ticket to fly to Oz and after your year there to get to Malaysia or Singapore or Bangkok. It all depends upon your style, whether you fly or whether you prefer to travel overland. If you go overland a alot or want to see countries usually not covered by an RTW ticket because their national airline is not part of Star Alliance or other such network, it is always better to pay as you go.

Your other question: You don't need to have outbound flight from Oz, just enough money to buy one back home. The Australian government asks for 5000 AUD in funds plus money for the flight ticket. (See www.xe.com for currency conversion.)

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Thanks for your help. I like the idea of getting a return ticket and stopping off in Thailand on the way home, then staying there untill i have run out of money:(.
Just out of curiosity... i am planning to take £5000 spending money. Could I do a round the world trip with that without having to work?? I will def work but would like to know if its possible incase i dont find a job or something happens (Expect the worst)
I am also really worried that i will meet loads of really cool people that are going somewhere else and ill be tied down to a ticket. Is this just something that most people put up with or do most people go to other countries in groups. If they do... how do they not ditch there tickets?? Im so confused!

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Hey Jay!
Don't be so confused I know it is daunting but will def come together in the end - just think in order what YOU want to do and what YOU want to experience. I will be going on my 1st RTW venture next year and really looking forward to it -
Try looking at travelbag.com, they get back to you with quotes on your intinery and are very helpful (unless any others have experienced different).
I have choosen to do a RTW ticket as the dates are changable whilst you are out there, so in effect if you wanted to stay wherever you are longer you can do so (also alot cheaper), but I have heard that you should not change dates through a travel agent try doing it direct then it won't cost so much.
Good luck :)