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1. Posted by yellowtrol (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I just want to alert fellow travelers of what can happen on the 36 hours prior to departure when you purchase your tickets with

This is the funny email I just received.

Hello Mr Gomez
I email with regards to your flights booked with under order reference 87944546. We have had a response back from Gulf Airlines advising us there is no longer availability in the class requested on flight GF 2 / 150 / 151 /7. Gulf Airlines do not use the same Global Reservations System (GRS) as most airlines/travel agencies so we rely on them to update their seat availability frequently.

As we advise in our terms and conditions section 8 under Flights
Be aware that certain airlines do not maintain "real time" seat availability in the airline reservations system to which we connect. Whilst every effort is made to reflect the true situation, instances may occur when airlines cancel sales. Globepost Limited will advise you within two working day's if this is the case and will do all they can to reinstate your booking

Every effort has been made to confirm this booking but unfortunately with no success.
Unfortunately we have no alternatives to offer you, therefore we have cancelled your reservation and processed a full refund which will clear in your account within 3 working days. would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Kind regards,
Technical Reservations

2. Posted by mikeyBoab (Travel Guru 5077 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

That's quite bad yellowtrol - how far in advance did you book?

3. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I don't really think you can blame for this one. The explanation they give is pretty solid and as someone that works in the business of ticketing, I can tell you that airlines have probably the single most difficult pricing/booking systems ever invented by man kind. And they have no problems cancelling or dropping flights if it suits them better.

Seems to me that Gulf Airlines screwed up big time by having the wrong availability on

The only part where could get some of the blame is the fact that they don't have a contract with Gulf that can lead them to force Gulf to offer you an upgraded class at the same price although most airlines won't sign a contract like that....

Definitely blows though!

4. Posted by meirio (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!


"A Horrible experience with"

Dear fellow travelers,

I just want to share with you my horrible experience with This is also to alert you to be careful with this online "travel agent". Basically, they have stolen my money. I have bought a ticket online but I have never received it. I have contacted them by email twice to solve this problem but they never respond.

This is my experience:

I bought a Gulf Air flight ticket from Belfast City Airport to Jakarta Soekarno Hatta on 25th of July 2006 for flying on 9th of September 2006. On 2 of August 2006, I changed the date of my departure from 9th of September to 9th of August. On that date, the agreed, the transaction was clear and I paid for another 224 pound for the flight ticket. So, totally I must pay about 565 pound for the Gulf Air flight ticket from Belfast City Airport to Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Aiport on 9th of August 2006. Because the Gulf Air does not issue e-ticket, said that they are going to send the paper ticket to my address within three days.

However, I was very disappointed. I never received any paper tickets from On 7th of August, I called them, but they said that I would receive my paper ticket on 8th of August. I was waiting for the ticket, but I still did not receive the ticket. On 8th of August I called them again, someone named Asis (I don't know his name exact spelling) answered my phone and said that I could get my paper ticket directly in the Gulf Air ticket counter in Belfast City Airport by giving the number: 07219104232196.

On 9th of August at 4am, I went to the Belfast City Airport and was ready to pick up my ticket. However, again I was very disappointed. There is no Gulf Air ticket counter in that Airport. Then, I came to the BMI ticket counter because according to my itinerary, the Gulf Air flight GF5281 from Belfast City to London Heathrow was operated by BMI. I gave the number to BMI's ticket counter staff. After checking her computer, she said that there is no my details in the flight, so she could not issue any tickets for me. She tried to contact, but their office was still closed until 8am. My choice at that time were that I had to wait until their office was open and that meant I will miss all of my flight to Jakarta on that date, or I bought a BMI flight ticket to fly from Belfast City Airport to London Heathrow and hopefully I could get the ticket that I have bought from in the Gulf Air ticket counter in London Heathrow.

I did not want to miss all of my flight on that date. So, I decided to buy the BMI flight ticket to London Heathrow as much as 178.30 poundsterling and hoped that I could get the refund of that ticket from and I could obtain my Gulf Air flight ticket from London Heathrow to Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport, that I bought from, in the Gulf Air ticket counter in London Heathrow.

I departed from Belfast City Airport on 6.45am and arrived in London Heathrow about 8.20am. Then I was in rush to come to the Gulf Air Ticket counter in the airport. When I arrived at the Gulf Air Ticket Counter, I gave the Gulf Air ticket counter's staff the number that the gave to me (No.07219104232196) in order to obtain my paper ticket to Jakarta. But, the staff said that I couldn't get the ticket from them. Instead, I had to ask for the paper ticket.

Then, I phoned from the Gulf Air ticket counter. Three persons answered my phone but none of them gave me clear answers. Instead, all of them put me on hold for so long time. Until 10am, I still couldn't obtain my paper ticket. Because of that, I missed the Gulf Air flight GF 0004 from London Heathrow to Muscat, Oman and then GF 0488 from Muscat, Oman to Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport, which should be my flight.

With the help of a Gulf air ticket counter's staff, I kept phone to get re-arrangement of my flight. Finally, after I waited for so long, at 11.00 someone from named Tarun (sorry for misspelling) gave me a confirmation that I would receive e-ticket of Singapore Airlines London-Singapore-Jakarta (SQ0317 and SQ 154) as a replacement of my Gulf Air ticket.

I asked him to refund my BMI flight ticket from Belfast City Airport to London Heathrow as much as 178.30 pound. He pleaded me to check in to the Singapore Airlines first and then would talk to me once I arrived in Jakarta and would refund the flight ticket.

Finally, I decided to check in. But before I checked in, from the Gulf air ticket counter I sent a facsimile of the BMI flight ticket that I bought in Belfast City Airport and my contact details in Indonesia (including my phone number). Tarun told me that the would contact me once I arrived in Indonesia and would refund my ticket.

I have been waiting for's contact since 10th of August, but never contact me. In fact, I have contacted them twice by email but they never responded my email. The never show their willingness to refund my flight ticket from Belfast City Airport to London Heathrow as much as 178.30 pound. has lied to me. They have taken my money but never given me the flight ticket I bought. I alert all fellow travelers to be careful with I hope this horrible experience never happen to you.

Yours sincerely,
Akbar Meirio