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41. Posted by patience (Full Member 118 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Yeah well said! I dont like the way people put down the states. Its a great country and i think it does have it all. They've got history, big cities, small towns, mountains, deserts, beaches, cold weather, warm weather, nice & decent people! despite what people say and most importantly they've got LA$ VEGA$ baby.... everyone loves the vegas :)

42. Posted by Zoom (Full Member 131 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I want to say one thing about the comments made on behalf of the USA. I am very dissappointed with how citizens of this country so easily dimiss America as being a horrible spiteful country. I am ashamed that men are risking their lives over seas for people like you

Zoom: They're not fighting for people like me. Do you EVEN KNOW why they are fighting? For Freedom for Iraqi's? BULLCRAP !! The Neo - Cons wanted to re-arrange the Middle East as a control/power play so they thought they'd go into Iraq with "Shock and Awe" which was gonna make the rest of the M. E. tremble (only LIBYA trembled) The rest are sitting back and watching as Iraq goes into full blown CIVIL WAR which only strenghtens IRAN - the EXACT opposite of what the neo-cons wanted (but what can you expect from a group of total idiots - Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, etc) that never had the guts to go to war when it was their turn (Vietnam) They ALL got out of it, what do they know about war? Why don't you learn what's REALLY going on before you criticize people that know a lot more about something then you do. OF course OIL plays into it (but that goes without saying, even my dog understands THAT)

I get it that not everyone agrees with our President, and that is fine, in fact freedom of speech is what makes our country great. I however think it is pathetic to call yourself a citizen of the US and yet talk bad about your country to everyone else.

Zoom: Umm, it's not like the rest of the world doesn't see what's going on. Our school system is now rated 24 best on the planet so there are AT LEAST 23 countries with smarter citizens that see what's going on and laugh (or shake their heads). Freedom of Speech means I can RAG about the Once Great American. I doubt that Freedom of Speech is needed when one sings "God Bless America"... THINK !!!!

People like this need to leave; go to France or wherever it is you want to go, but don't stay here and bash America as if we have never done anything postive.

Zoom: Way ahead of you buddy boy, Already have an apartment in Paris (and life is MUCH more relaxed, real, and sane there than in "Crazy Land" - USA) - Freedom of Speech in action - see how it works? Also plan on getting an Apartment in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in early 2007 - great prices right now. Great people with brains. Again, a very sane and pleasant lifestyle. Someday , I will never even have to step on American soil, that will be a wonderful day for me. Enough giving my tax money to a Government full of mass murderers with Grand Imperalistic Desires - don't kid yourself....

Maybe peope like this need to look at the facts and realize that we are not the ones blowing up buildings and killing people in the name of terror;

Zoom: No, we're blowing up buildings and killing people (100,000 in Iraq/10,000 in Lebanon as our anex military, Israel, took care of that destruction for us. What are friends for if you can't swap human slaughter stories with each other) - in the name of "LIBERATION" and "SELF DEFENSE" - what a pile of lies. How many Iraqi's do we have to kill to liberate them? What's the difference between bringing down twin towers in NYC full of innocent people and bringing down numerous high rise apartment blocks in Beirut and Baghdad full of innocent people? NONE. MURDER of the innocent is murder and the people that caused them all to happen are ALL TERRORISTS. You think Americans are MORE HUMAN, More VALUABLE than an Iraqi or Lebanese person? Is an American life worth more? Is their BLOOD a different color? Is their pain different then YOUR PAIN? Are their tears different then yours? If you think so you are very sick my friend - open your eyes for God's sake.....3,000 dead on 9/11 - over 100,000 dead in Iraq and Lebanon - I think it's time to stop - we're WAY AHEAD in the "Race to Murder" department....You think if you LABEL it WAR it stops being MURDER? Don't think so...

despite what you might think, I believe that the majority of Americans want to help people and that includes ALL people. Everyone deserves a life of freedom. Is that really so wrong?

Zoom: Not wrong at all but what does FREEDOM have to do with MASSIVE DESTRUCTION and UNBELIEVABLE HUMAN SLAUGHTER? You worried about FREEDOM? what about Zimbabwe? what about Burma? what about N.Korea? what about Saudi Arabia? what about Sudan? what about Somolia? what about China? what about Algeria?...should I keep going cause the list is MUCH longer. How does your MIND work? Why is it SO HARD to see the truth? I suggest you watch a DVD by Eugene Jarecki called "WHY WE FIGHT" - 2006 version (based on the brilliant President and 5 Star General Dwight Eisenhower's 1961 farwell speech warning America about the "Military Industrial Complex" and how it's growing like a cancer - it SURE WAS, now, the CANCER'S HERE BIG TIME) 5 Star General - now there's SOMEONE who knows a thing or 2 about war (unlike the Neo Cons). Read Bob Dylan's lyrics to MASTERS OF WAR. Read, Learn, Think, Analyse, Stop looking at Politics as a football game - there are ONLY 2 sides that matter - right/wrong, watch the DVD - let the ugly truth pour in..BE SHOCKED BY IT....then you can lecture me.... Zoom (effing FEED UP with a non thinking country - at least the 50% that is and an Evil Government) OH, the most important thing, get on your knees and GET HUMBLE !! The time for ARROGANCE is over, it didn't work, ask the King of Arrogance, GWB.......

43. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Let's bring this thread back into perspective, please.

There are several other threads in this forum better suited for political debate and commentary. This is not one of them. So, try to keep it on track by answering the original question(s) and keeping the discussion relevent. Thank you.

44. Posted by aarantes (Respected Member 165 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Well, apart from snow and ski, Brazil has it all. The biggest forest, beaches, big cities, charming small cities, desert, mountains, cold weather, mild weather, really hot weather, a lot of festivities, amazing food and great people.

Note: Nothing against US, but I really must say that I don't love Las Vegas. In fact, I tend to go to the opposite direction.

45. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Quoting aarantes

Well, apart from snow and ski, Brazil has it all. The biggest forest, beaches, big cities, charming small cities, desert, mountains, cold weather, mild weather, really hot weather, a lot of festivities, amazing food and great people.

Note: Nothing against US, but I really must say that I don't love Las Vegas. In fact, I tend to go to the opposite direction.

I was gonna say Brazil too, but I would defenitely miss the snow and the the mountains (read: snowboarding). But everything else - naturewise, culturewise, foodwise, etc. - they do have, excessively!

As for NZ, it was the first country I thought of when I first read the question. Just the feeling of being able to snowboard in the morning and go surfing in the afternoon the same day sort of makes it for me. They have the Maori culture, the friendliest people in the world, loads of influences from Asia and Europe, the most stunning nature in the world... But what they do lack is history (Man, I'm going to be hated for saying that!). There is not a single building that is more than, say, 100 years. And the "Medieval feeling" you get walking around in any European city just isn't there. Sounds stupid but I missed it a lot while in NZ.

Also, they don't have any dangerous animals. ;)

Argentina is a good candidate too. Naturewise, it does have it all, and they do have the history to it too. But what about everything I love about Asia? There's nothing of that!

So, I will have to say: no country has it all. At least not for me. But I think that is a good thing! Makes me wanna go to different places instead of just one.


46. Posted by grasshoppa (Full Member 202 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

you can ski and surf in the same day in the US and Aus. The surf in these two countries is unmatched by most other countries

47. Posted by emejy (Budding Member 16 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I know that LIBAN has a lot of things to (unfortunatly not at the moment).
But normally (at peace time) you can go to the sea, and an hour after going skiing!It is quite the same in some countries in the balkans.

but I have never been.

Quoting grasshoppa

This could be interesting... What do you think is a country that provides a great range of different sites and just generally "has it all"?

the first two that come to mind for me would be The USA and Aus.

USA because it has a large climate range (alaska to hawaii) some of the best skiing in the world as well as surf, world famous icons and big cities.

Aus for pretty much the same reasons, snowy mountains down south (Victoria New South Whales) to tropical islands up north, not the best skiing in the world but certainly some of the best surf, world famous icons and big cities

48. Posted by djiboutici (Full Member 465 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

God Bless You...Isadora

Please let's this site about only it's for....PLEASE,I BEG YOU...


No country has it all,that's correct...That's the whole idea of travelling,meeting new people,food,scenery,landscapes,weather...

P.S:I like the comments of Lorcan
You're very wise

49. Posted by mjlayton (Full Member 15 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Well I think what somebody said before that the size of a country does come into it.

Being bias I am going to say NZ but then it's not very old so it doesn't really have the history of a country such as the UK.

I definately don't think Australia though and I'm not just saying that because I'm a kiwi. I don't think that Australia's ski season would be anything to brag about. Beaches are nice though.

Final answer for me would be Italy - beaches, history, culture, lakes and mountains and it's not too big that you can't get on a fast train and be somewhere.

50. Posted by Martincka (Budding Member 18 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

That's easy! The smallest country in the world who has it all is Slovenia! Check it out for yourself!