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61. Posted by grasshoppa (Full Member 202 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

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i'm sure people could argue a lot about which country has it "all"... but who's to say that any one is actually true?

thats right. Its not which country has it all? its more which country do you think has alot to offer

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recently was in new zealand and did quite like it, but it would have to be spain for me, its a cool place. got its faults like anywhere else but does have a fair range of "things" that make it unique

63. Posted by Shrinagesh (Full Member 102 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

India and the Indian Sub continent...There is so much variety here.Pl try and count the number of Languages, Religions..also check the variety in weather..from cool Himalayas to Desert Rajasthan...unbelievable Heritage monuments..Palaces, Temples, longish and widest Beaches, Hill Stations,Hindusthani and Carnatic Music...great forms of dance from Bhatatha natyam to Kuchipudi to Kathakali..
Unique painting styles from the Thanjavur style to the Jaipur style..Literature that covers the whole gamut of Human activity..Ramayana and Mahabharatha..oldest living languages such as Sanskrit and Tamil..
when you visit India , you visit a Civilisation with a continuous History of over 5000 years. Places such as Varanasi, Madurai, Amritsar,Rameshwaram, Guruvayur,Khajuraho,Dilwara, Badrinath...just a visit ..can change your perspective and your life forever..

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Hi all, I think if you want to see a bit of everything, you shoud go to Russia. Each region, each city, each willage ...... they are so different!

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