bed supper club?????????????????????

Travel Forums Asia bed supper club?????????????????????

1. Posted by scotty85 (Full Member 88 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

any one heard of it??? or been?? if not look it up on google it looks great.
any info comments would be great.

2. Posted by claireh (Respected Member 318 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I've just had a sneaky look on their website and it looks great. It's a very similar idea to the Supper Club in Amsterdam (which is wicked, although hear it's become a bit 'laddy' of late). Thought the same people might be behind it at first, but it doesn't appear so. If you go, let us know what you think!

3. Posted by Purdy (Travel Guru 3546 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

We were supposed to visit here when in Bangkok but didnt in the end up - much more expensive than else where in the city, and full of uber cool people. Our hotel conceirge raved about it (but she was French and rather beautiful!!) but l actual felt intimidated by it without actually even visiting it! Im much more of a sawdust on the floor, jeans and t-shirt girl and this felt pretenious to me!

4. Posted by jlala (Budding Member 36 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I went to the joint in Bnagkok last year. It was quite cool and we did like th concept of lying there having our meal. Its quite pricy as compared to other eating places in Bangkok and I had nothign to rave about the food.

5. Posted by Jonnie (Budding Member 7 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Bed was all the rage 2 years ago when I was there. Personally I love the place (but not sure what it ll be like 2 yrs on)! Its definately gonna be one of my clubbing stops when I get back to BKK on thursday - cant wait!! As the others have pointed out its stylish and attracts very "cool" and beautiful people. It is expensive but what do you expect with such an awesome venue. Def worth a visit but dress sharp.