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Hi all!!

Four of us are going inter-railing at the end of August/start of Sept for 19 days!we are flying to Prague, making our way to Krakow, then down into Slovakia where we will more than likely visit Bratislava. From here its onto Budapest and then we were thinkin of also visiting Croatia.
We were wondering if anyone could tell us how long the train journey would be from Dubrovnik to Prague???
We would really appreciate any advice and suggestions about our itinery also. We would really appreciate any information on the various activities, places to see, shops, restaurants etc!!

Thanks a mill!
Catherine - Fannie, Louellen, Masie and Ethel :)

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Dubrovnik doesn't have a station. The nearest one is about 2hours North by bus in Ploce, but from there you can only go into Bosnia (2 trains a day, although one goes through to Zagreb, the other Budapest).

To get to Dubrovnik, you can train it from Zagreb to Split, but from there it is either a bus or (preferably) ferry.

If you are only doing Prague - Krakow - Bratislava - Budapest - Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik (or thereabouts), it's quite possible that you won't actually cover the cost of your pass [although you might as they are all cross border journeys]. Train travel in Eastern Europe is cheap, especially if you don't take the through international trains, but instead buy tickets to the border and then from there onwards

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As said already Dubrovnik to Prague is just too long to do without stopping and do not under any circumstances get the train from Ploce to Zagreb that goes through Bosnia as it is incredibly slow, stops at hundreds of stops and you will be stuck on it all day - the timetable says 13 hours but I've taken that train from Mostar to Zagreb and with all the delays it was almost 13 hours itself. It also has no air conditioning and no food save for a man with a basket who came along selling crisps. I don't know what it would be like if I'd got on at Ploce but I suspect it would have ended in suicide for me because it was intolerable as it was. That isn't any slight against the Bosnian people as they're wonderfully friendly but that train is awful and as far as I could tell virtually nobody gets on at Ploce and goes all the way to Zagreb, it basically functions as a Bosnian domestic service.

To go from Dubrovnik to Zagreb you can get the bus to Split and a train from there and it will take about 10-12 hours or a direct bus that takes about the same time. You would have to stay in Zagreb I imagine and then go to Prague via Vienna. I don't think there is an overnight train from Zagreb to Vienna that doesn't involve a lot of changes. From there it's another 5 hours to Prague. If it were me I'd look at cheap flights or stay at a couple of places along the way - Vienna, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Split etc.