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Setting up an Australian Bank Account whilst in the UK?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Setting up an Australian Bank Account whilst in the UK?

1. Posted by Hobbsie (Budding Member 19 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I have seen a few companies offer a facility to set everything up for you, and all you need to do is go into a branch with your passport and they will then send you your bank card within a few days...but...they all seem to make you pick your card up in Sydney!

What if your not in Sydney?

For example me and my friend are going to be based in Melbourne, and are yet to find an offer the same!

If anyone knows of a company that offers this service, and also in Melbourne, it would be great to hear from you!

Thanks in Advance! Tom!

2. Posted by mojorob (Moderator 1047 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

You don't even need to set it up before you leave the UK - opening an account in Australia is much easier than the UK!

Banks in Australia work on a points system for identity, and a person needs at least 100 points for an account to be opened. For people arriving from overseas (e.g. WHM visa holders, tourists etc) their overseas passport will count for 100 points, if you open an account within 6 weeks of your arrival date.

You should be able to deposit money on that day as well, and you bank card will be sent soon after. You will need some kind of Australian address (a mail holding service is fine), and also provide your overseas address too so you are treated as a non-resident for tax purposes.

3. Posted by blitz (Budding Member 47 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I do know that the local Citibank can set you up a traveller's account.. you can do it when you're still in England. Not the best bank around, but the advantage is that you can set up it all remotely. A big bonus.. so you can get paid the day after you work :)

Also try asking a Travel Agent, there are many services here for assisting to set up an account in the UK for Aussies, costing around $75 AUD.