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I am flying into Delhi on my first trip to India. I have heard it might be best to go somewhere else besides Delhi for the beginning part of my trip. Since my flight arrives at 11 AM, I've thought of heading straight for Agra and the Taj. However, I'd like to get out to Rajastan as quickly as possible. Is it better to take a train or bus from Agra to Jaipur? How long and often do they run? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi there,

Im heading out to India in Novmeber. But as far as I know Agra is around 6 hours away from Delhi so maybe you should spend one night in delhi and then get a train to agra. Might be a bit much to arrive in at 11am and the go for a 6 hour jounrney. Beisdes you soend at least a day in Delhi to check out the madness!

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Hi, Agra is 4 hours by road (max) and 2 hours by a superfast train(shatabdi) from New Delhi. Its going to be around 42-45 degrees C at this time of the not that pleasant :(
The only good thing is that you can get around 30-50% off on hotel charges, both in Agra & Rajasthan.
My Advice -see the Taj in the early morning light (check out the pic I took on the photogallery) or else you'll burn your feet on the hot marble stones (as shoes are not allowed). U can take the 6.00 am train from New Delhi Railway Station and reach Agra by 8.00 am..head straight for the Taj (around 5 kms away)...U can also see the Agra Fort nearby...then take a tourist bus or cab to see the Forts of Fatehpur Sikri (not very far from Agra ) ...take the evening bus/ train to Jaipur or else (again) u will have to bear the dry heat enroute. In Agra...move around from early in the morning & rest during the afternoons. Any other info....just lemme know! Bon Voyage !!

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given the fact that you are comming in at 11 a.m. i sugest you stay in delhi for the day and enjoy the city for sometime. there's a lot of nice things to do and see in delhi.

also by the time you reach agra it would be 2 late to get to the TAJ coz its gonna be really hot. it opens at 6:30 in the morning.

u could start out early in the a.m.

the Red Fort would be a good place to start.

A WORD OF CAUTION; take a cab from inside the airport one of the prepaid ones where you don't have to shell out any money to the driver.

cabbies of delhi are known to be adept at fleecing newly arrived foreigners. even when you leave for agra make sure that you book a car from the hotel. and try to get your train tickets done beforehand.

you can book train tickets online on
and check train schedules on

and most important.............don't forget to have fun.
do let us know how your trip went