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I am planning an Inter-rail trip round europe next summer before i start university, as i am doing midwifery and only get 2 weeks holiday in the summer once im there, so this is the big trip of a lifetime. The only trouble is the friend i am travelling with, and i keep on going round and round in circles as to where to go and get so much conflicting advice from different people. I would really appreciate come 'Must Sees' for travelling round europe as i dont want to miss anything. Can anyone help me out?

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Hi PipS :) what a dilemma Europe is a very big place and so much of it is a must to see i suppose your trip will have to be decided on what you want to see is it art,culture, scenery or something else i would suggest Italy as this covers it all Start at the top and work your way down or the other way round !
i'm sure other people will suggest other places for you to go but in the end it's up to you
Hope you find a place you want to visit let us know when you decide :)

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Hi there,

You should get yourself a picture book of Europe. Then you sit togehter with your friend and you look at the pictures, and what you both like most, that's where you go.

Or you throw darts at the map of Europe...and there you go.

My opinion is, that in every country it is possible to have a special time and meet nice people, it doesn't have to be on the Eiffel tower or in the Vatican museum.