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1. Posted by Stockczech (Full Member 30 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

If you are planning a trip in the near future you need to give extra thought as to what to do with your equipment. I make around 10 or 12 trips by air each year, and have taken my photographic stuff (2 DSLRs, lenses and laptop in a Lowepro Stealth 650) as carry on. Looks like this isn't going to be allowed for the forseeable future.
So what to do? Buy a hard Peli case? My insurers have said 'no' - luggage carried in hold, however well protected, is not insured against theft. Change insurers? Well that's a possibility, and I guess that all companies will have to offer some kind of protection, but that will surely push the premiums up:(
For anyone still using film, don't forget that the x-ray machines used on hold baggage are much more powerful, and your film is likely to be useless when you arrive

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 5293 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

This has been one of the main topics up for discussion on some of the more professional dpreview forums, and the emerging consensus seems to be "don't fly until this madness is over" (it can't last; just think of business travellers with sensitive company data on laptops), or if you absolutely have to, ship your expensive camera gear separately through a professional shipping company with insurance. Theft amongst baggage handlers is apparently well documented, and peli cases only make for more attractive targets (especially since locking luggage is verboten in the USA).

3. Posted by Stockczech (Full Member 30 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

"Theft amongst baggage handlers is apparently well documented"

Only too true! London's major airport isn't called Thiefrow for nothing!


4. Posted by sarahd (Budding Member 96 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

We're due to travel to Croatia and Montenegro in Sept and we've just bought a Nikon DSLR D50, I have never ever packed anything of value as hold baggage and I'm praying that the restrictions on cabin baggage will be relaxed by then. Otherwise I suspect will be taking disposible point and press cameras, not what I really want to do.

5. Posted by Jase007 (Respected Member 8870 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Just to point out.
As of Today 14/08/2006 you can take on one piece of hand luggage, as long as it is a small piece.
Business travellers will dictate any change, and the hand luggage allowed is the size of a briefcase.

6. Posted by Zoom (Full Member 131 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Stockczech, GREAT TOPIC !!! I do Professional Travel Photography and I have to agree with Sanders - "wait till the madness is over". Us Photographers have had zero respect with the airlines and at many airports for a long. long time. I just switched to Digital (Canon EOS 5D - full frame sensor-no lens conversion) but have yet to shoot travel work with it. I plan on bringing my EOS 3 as a film back up just in case. I can't imagine what I would do if I was stuck in Heathrow with X-ray bags full of film. This new security show is, once again, pure over kill by non thinking robots. Someday, when some people with brains get put in, we'll have some great security that makes sense but in the mean time 70 year old women will be putting their "flip flops" through the X-ray machines - business as usual. Maybe we should all list the airlines and airports that have been best/worst when it comes to working with us photographers (the one's who's pretty pictures put more asses in their seats). Zoom

BEST AIRLINES: Air France (Never any trouble), Iberia, Olympic Air, Egypt Air, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Royal Air Moroc, Thai air, Varig, TAP Portugal, Czech Air, American/Delta

WORST AIRLINES: Qantas (real b*ll busters - the WORST. Missed flights due to their super stiff attitudes), British Airways (ditto), Swiss Air, SAS, Air Malta, El Al

7. Posted by Stockczech (Full Member 30 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

OK! Just got back from a very short trip to Sweden. I flew out on Friday from London Stansted, and the Air Berlin check-in desk didn't even blink at my (smallish) back pack. Just said "yes, that's fine". Biggest hassle was having to go into Boots' flightside to buy new toothpaste, etc, as no liquids, gels, pastes etc are allowed through security.

8. Posted by roteague (Budding Member 46 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Looks like the most restictive travel is still to/from the UK. Here in Hawaii, it is basically, business as usual with regards to carryon luggage (with the exceptions of liquids, of course). I've been watching this pretty close, I'll be travelling on October 3rd since I carry a lot of film. This year, I may use FedEx and just send my film back to the processor as I finish it.

9. Posted by Stockczech (Full Member 30 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

It now looks as though carry-on limits will be increased in the next week or two - probably approaching the size allowed before the latest scare.

10. Posted by carosterns (Respected Member 159 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Some restrictions have now been lifted and, if your bag fits within the restrictions, you can again take your cameras on board. Alas, the maximum hand baggage size will limit how much you can take as it is much smaller than what we have become accustomed to. And everything you take on board with you must fit in that bag. Flying to Iceland this weekend so I will be putting it to the test. Will post a warning if I have any trouble.