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Hi all

I've been doing a bit of researching into migration to OZ and NZ. Basically, i'm a little confused about the points system.

Currently i'm a graduate (Sports Science) working as a Lifestyle Consultant. I have read that my degree gets me 50 points, but to boost my application chances I am considering training in a trade, such as plastering.

Does anyone have any ideas how many points are needed to gain residence? Or is it not that simple?

Also, does having spent say, 12 months on a WHV in the chosen country help your application for residence?

I have read a lot of this:
Migrating to Australia - http://www.immi.gov.au/migrate/index.htm

...but it's all a little confusing!!

Thanks for the help everyone

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This page lists the current points needed for a "pass mark" (you're eligible for the visa right away) or "pool mark" (you won't be completely disqualified yet, and go into various databases for possible further steps if the criteria are lowered in the next two years).

As I understand your situation, you'd ideally want the Skilled Independent Visa, for which you'd need 120 points. That allows you to emigrate to and work in Australia without any restrictions. (And then when you've been there for a number of years, you can apply to change nationality.)

As far as I know, having been there on a WHV doesn't score you any points. I can't find the page that actually lists what you get points for anymore though. FSCKING stupid reorganization of that website which broke all my bookmarks.

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120 points is for most regions although you can get in on less if you work in certain regions or are state sponsored. Your skills need to be assessed by a government approved body here in Australia - no one gets in without an assessment. The WHV doesn't count towards this visa from a points point of view unless you can prove you have worked in the profession you are applying under for the 12-months immediately prior to the application. You could do this on another type of work visa though.

As Sander said the pass mark is 120 points, and even though you have a 50 point occupation you may be restricted on where you can live, for example: a sports scientist couldn't be sponsored by someone living in the Sydney or surrounding areas (sponsorship adds to points), but you can make an application for General Skilled Migration. Don't worry about the pool mark as this won't move for some time.

I'll email you from this site with more information.

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